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On September 30th, 2020, the NCTR hosted its first annual Every Child Matters: Education through Reconciliation Event. This nation-wide event touched over 500,000 Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

This year, we are wanting to evolve from a one-day event to a week-long event. Truth and Reconciliation Week will host webinars for students across the country from Grade 5-8 with it leading to a nation-wide event for all ages on September 30th.

This is where YOU come in!

We are sending out a cross-Canada invitation for Grade 5-8 students to submit up to a 30-second individual video message on RECONCILIATION. Your submission might be selected to be featured in our Truth and Reconciliation Week.

Be creative, be simple. We want your true experience and ideas on what Reconciliation looks like to you.
Please include your name, age, location at the beginning of the video.

The theme and some places to start: What does Reconciliation mean to me? What have I done to foster Reconciliation? What can I do now with friends, family, or community about Reconciliation? How does Reconciliation fit into my life?

Need inspiration for your message? Check out Rosie on Reconciliation :

Self-Filming Guide

What happens after my submission?

Selected videos will air and be found on APTN,,, and be included as a tiled video wall for week long events.
Out of the cross-Canada submissions, six messages will be selected and produced professionally over the summer of 2021 to air on, and APTN TV!

Selected participants will also be invited to be guests on a hosted video conference – like Zoom or Skype, this fall that will air on APTN.

Deadline for submissions: May 14, 2021.

What to include – a word file with your name, address, contact information; contact information for your parent and teacher; signed release document; and the video file. Please say your name, age and location at the beginning of your video message.

Student Release Form

Once your submission is complete, upload the video file and supporting documents to: (Upload password: NCTR2021)

Only submissions that are submitted with the signed release document will be considered for selection for the video wall and for professional production.

Thank you so much! We look forward to reviewing your submissions.
Marsee – Hai hai – Nakurmiik – Wela’lioq – Hych’ka – Merci!

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NCTR’s spirit name – bezhig miigwan, meaning “one feather”.

Bezhig miigwan calls upon us to see each Survivor coming to the NCTR as a single eagle feather and to show those Survivors the same respect and attention an eagle feather deserves. It also teaches we are all in this together — we are all one, connected, and it is vital to work together to achieve reconciliation.