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Memorial Register

The development of the Memorial Register is the result of over a decade of work by countless people. Through this Register, the NCTR honours the children that were lost because of their attendance at residential schools. This includes those children who passed away within one year of being at a residential school and are considered to have remained under the responsibility of residential school authorities.

Ceremonies to honour the children that never returned home from the schools or who died as a result of their forced attendance in these institutions will always remain essential. When the memorial register was brought into the present form, we sought the advice, guidance and blessing of Survivors, Elders and Knowledge Keepers at a national gathering held at Turtle Lodge in Sagkeeng First Nation, Manitoba. Songs were sung and ceremony conducted to help honour and respect the children listed within this register. The Elders emphasized the importance of working with ceremonial peoples across the many Indigenous nations of this land. They emphasized that all nations, customs, and traditions must be respected in honouring these children now and in the future.

Following the direction provided by Survivors during the community engagements held in 2018 and at the National Gathering of Elders, only the names and dates of death will be public.

  • For further information on each of the children, please contact us at the NCTR directly.

Add a Name to the Memorial

There are additional names of children waiting to be found that are not included within this register. There remains an extensive amount of work to be done to find all the children that never returned home and their burial sites.

We are ready to receive additional information on any student believed or known to have gone missing at a residential school or as a result of their time at a residential school. We will continue to update the memorial register with additional names.

Please contact us at the NCTR if you would like to add a child’s name to the Memorial.

A National Residential School Crisis Line has been set up to provide support to former students. This 24-Hour Crisis Line can be accessed at: 1-866-925-4419

(Baby) Redbreast
[] Cyr
[Jerimian] Ballentyne
[Unknown] Mckay
A. Patrip
A. Thibert
Abel Evan Francois
Abel Half
Abel Ward
Abraham Bighetty
Abraham Moses Nakogee
Abraham Peter Magiskon
Absolam Monias
Absolom Bird
Ada Keg
Ada Roberts
Ada Tom
Ada Yako
Adéline Lépiné
Adaline Makokis
Adam Bearhead
Adam Big Feet
Adam Child
Adam J. Noskeye
Adam Kamakawtay
Adam Muskego
Adam Oochoo
Adam Phillip
Adam Stieman
Adam Takakihinew
Adelaide Pictwiwesin
Adele Cartwright
Adele Tambour
Adelina Paul
Adeline Celestine Jones
Adeline Ellize
Adeline Lépiné
Adeline T’Lo
Adelaide Flett
Adolph Maurus
Adolphus Janvier
Adrian Reynold G. George
Agatha (Qu’Appelle)
Agatha Flamand
Agathe Chippewyan
Agnes Abraham
Agnes Ahpistawasis
Agnes Amos
Agnes Ben
Agnes Black Boy
Agnes Cartwright
Agnes Kahkeetoomayou
Agnes Keevin
Agnes Michou
Agnes Mucheasakack
Agnes Sawan
Agnes Sinclair
Agnes Thomas
Albert Aka Chueechoque Hardy
Albert Bellegarde
Albert Big Plume
Albert Brittain
Albert Davey
Albert Gladu
Albert Hance
Albert Jackson
Albert Joseph-Henry
Albert Keeshack
Albert Lindsay
Albert Mapils
Albert Mechawes
Albert Morrison
Albert Nepinak
Albert Penance
Albert Pictou
Albert Plain Woman
Albert Smith
Albert Sylvestre
Albert Tom
Albert Upistipas
Albert Wiarikwaw
Albertine Hupse
Albina Dumas
Aldina Kewaskunikere
Alec C. Prince
Alec Gras de Rat
Alec Sam
Alex Bob
Alex Bone
Alex Byhette
Alex Crow
Alex Edjeregon
Alex Grandfarand
Alex Mcgarty Otakysy
Alex Michell
Alex Onamekee
Alex Opikokew
Alex Ross
Alex Shinguish
Alex Sochowski
Alexander Aukuck
Alexander Callingbull
Alexander Cook
Alexander Cyr
Alexander James Horsefall
Alexander John
Alexander Knaggs
Alexandra Diablo
Alexandra Chookomoolin
Alexandre Callingbull
Alexandre Wemigwams
Alexandrine Ladoucer
Alexis Janvier
Alexis Kahkikyas
Alexis Rain
Alfred Bear
Alfred Bellegarde
Alfred Ermine
Alfred Fortin
Alfred Iserhoff
Alfred James (A)
Alfred James (B)
Alfred Laliberte
Alfred Lecris
Alfred Little Bighead
Alfred Littlechild
Alfred Loutitt
Alfred McKay
Alfred Pascal
Alfred Rain
Alfred Red Bull
Alfred Thomas
Alfred Whitehawk
Alfred William
Alfred Wilson
Alice Abel
Alice Abraham
Alice Aukuck
Alice Benoit
Alice Blueboy
Alice Bompass
Alice Brown
Alice Cardinal
Alice Delorme
Alice Dick
Alice Dodman
Alice Garr
Alice George
Alice Kasiminookis
Alice Lonesinger
Alice Mcpherson
Alice Rabbit
Alice Samakeese
Alice Tangie
Alice Wapachee
Alick Sinclair
Alina Alexandre
Aline Galley
Allan Chappise
Allan Pookski
Allan Severight
Allan White Horse Medicine
Allen Calf Robe
Allen Glen Pelletier
Allen Jameson
Allen Medicine White Horse
Allen Napo or Mayopo
Allen Patrick Willie
Allen Sam
Alma Beaulieu
Alma Mathilde Evans
Aloysius Daniel
Aloysius McDougall
Aloysius Wilson
Alpheus Mclean
Alphonsine Dominic
Alvin Oshie
Alvina Brass
Amanda Frenchie
Amanda James
Ambrose Alexander
Ambrose Skead
Amelia A.
Amelia Bunn
Amelia Cheesman
Amelia Jim
Amelia Waterchief
Amos Blackhawk
Amos Jacob
Amos Johnson
Amos Lefthand
Amy Abraham
Amy Chief
Amy Shot Both Sides
Anastasia William
Anderson Sye
André (Qu’Appelle)
André Esakke
Andre Nah-Nah-Qua-Hung
Andrea Helen Alfred
Andrew F. Johnston
Andrew Gordon
Andrew H. Paul
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Joseph
Andrew Laroque
Andrew Ologok
Andrew Sam
Andrew Silver
Andrew Small Feet
Andrew Stacey
Andrew Tom
Andrew Tootoosis
Andrew W. Cyr
Andrew Wahcaneh
Andrew Williams
Angela Black Water
Angela Hungry Chief
Angela Kiyawasew
Angela Red Crow
Angele Janvier
Angelina Hoof
Angelina Margaret Cardinal
Angelique Amajiwegijig
Angelique Bonnet Rouge
Angelique Kakekamic
Angelique Marcel
Angelique Red Crow
Angelique Trudeau
Anges Edna Rednose
Angus Alfred Sutherland
Angus Anaquot
Angus Crocker
Angus Jimiken
Angus Kamenewetawin
Angus Mcnabb
Angus Tarbell
Angus Windigo
Ann Darazele
Ann Goodswimmer
Ann Mary Rivier
Anna Aitel
Anna Allary
Anna Amie
Anna Awasse
Anna Baldhead
Anna Big Plume
Anna Littlechief
Anna Mackie
Anna Makokis
Anna Manitowabi
Anna Nejatatic
Anna Whitstone
Annabella Mcnab
Annabelle Spence
Anne Pekonniassang
Anne Wagamese
Annette Many Bears
Annie Begouiassan
Annie Bighetti
Annie Charley Short
Annie Crane
Annie Crane Chief
Annie Frank
Annie Gabo
Annie Gishick
Annie Hunter
Annie Jack
Annie John
Annie Katchimut
Annie Kegeshyoung
Annie Koe
Annie Laviolette
Annie Lahache
Annie Lucy Andrew
Annie Mark
Annie Moving Tent
Annie Oseemeemas
Annie Oxebin
Annie Pappenberger
Annie Peters
Annie Peyachew
Annie Ross
Annie Sakwayhese
Annie Sindilhyn
Annie Sweet Grass
Annie Tommy
Annie Wadsworth
Annie Wisegais
Annie Yellow Wings
Anthony Moustach
Anthony Percy Moses
Anthony Pierre
Anthony Regis Blackhand
Antoine Derocher
Antoine Jackpine
Antoine Katous
Antoine Martineau
Antoine Wisk
Antoinette Brown
Antoinette Tap-Pee
Arcelle William
Archie Boland
Archie Cochrane
Archie Feathers
Archie Half
Archie Jackson
Archie Lamilise
Archie Oxime
Archie Tourangeau
Aristide Across the Mountain
Armandine Viviers
Arnot Robinson
Arthur Baptiste
Arthur Heavy Head
Arthur Johnstone
Arthur Miller
Arthur Mousseau
Arthur Staats
Arthur Sutherland
Asa Peters
Audrey Le Sage
Audrey Wesley
August Jimmy
August John Dick
August Tseleokanum
Augustine Allen
Augustus Jacket
Awasis (Sturgeon Lake Reserve)
Baby Bill
Baptiste Xavier
Baptistine Laferty
Barbara Little Shield
Barnadette Bruyere
Basil Contois
Basil Mcleod
Basil Velle
Batestine Cha
Beatrice Egodgin
Beatrice Hoof
Beatrice Laferty
Beatrice Lafferty
Beatrice Lasens
Beatrice Moses
Belinda James
Belinda Marie Jack
Belinda Raw Eater
Bella Andy
Bella Callihoo
Bella Daniel
Bella Desjarlais
Bella Johnson
Bella Maminawatum
Bella Moar
Bella Papastesis
Bella Peter
Bella Rain
Bella Simon
Bella Snowshoe
Bella T’Atti
Bella Vittrekwa
Bella Wickle
Ben Albert Foley
Benjamin Beaconsfield Cheguans
Benjamin Crow
Benjamin Martin
Benjamin Striped Back
Bernadette Hart
Bernadette Naitamepinesse
Bernadette Strong
Bernadette Thomas
Bernard Heavy Head
Bernard Iveran Beaver
Bernard Kamatchamasis
Bernard Pratt
Bernard Starlight
Bernice Billy
Bernice Wadsworth
Bertha Fred
Bertha Jimmy
Bertha Lillian White
Bertha Many Feathers
Bertha Pierre
Bertha Ruby Stewart
Bertha Two Thieves
Bertie Bull
Bertie Kitty
Bertie Mistaken Chief
Bertie Weasel Robe
Bessie Gouchier
Bessie Sutherland
Bessie Wah Pah Hoo
Betsie Osborne
Betsy Lepatac
Betsy Osborne
Betsy Raindeer
Betsy Smith
Beulah Henry
Beverly Joseph
Bibiane Bighetty
Billy Bear Chief
Billy Big Plume
Billy Colder
Billy Kovic
Billy Sleigh
Billy Stabbing First
Billy Wolki
Bina Arcan
Bob Pierre
Bob Reddish Gun
Bobby Joseph Bell
Bobby Many Wounds
Bobby Okhena
Bradley Thomas Smith
Brian Dillon
Brian Low Horn
Bruce Jumbo
Bruce Reynold Mack
Bruce Wapiske
Bryant Simon
Bucky Arnold
C. Windsor Three Suns
Célestin Jack
Céline Crapaud
Céline Kfwitli
Camilla Bertha Whitehawk
Camille (Hay River)
Camille Charbonneau
Campbell William Pratt
Carl Robert Napio
Carl Tanner
Carle Wynes Linklater/Linkeleter
Carmen Chonkolay
Caroline (Fort Providence)
Caroline Angus
Caroline Bird
Caroline Bunn
Caroline Burnam
Caroline Cardinal
Caroline Felix
Caroline Gardippie
Caroline Harris
Caroline Jacob
Caroline Kinose
Caroline Minoose
Caroline Moses
Caroline Paul
Caroline Simpson
Caroline Waukay
Caroline Williams
Carrie George
Carrie Quackageezick
Carrie Vincent
Catherine Bear Hat
Catherine Bewa
Catherine Flamend
Catherine Jacob
Catherine Johnny
Catherine Mackay
Catherine Marshall
Catherine Peyetchew
Catherine Shanari
Catherine Tom
Catherine Vittrekwa (A)
Catherine Vittrekwa (B)
Catherine Williamson
Cathline Thomas
Cavell Carry Something (Running Antelope Band)
Cecelia Cameron
Cecil Briton
Cecil Taylor
Cecil Williams
Cecile Joseph
Cecile Mattinas
Cecile Mcbeth Malloeuf
Cecile Prairie Chicken
Cecile Taylor
Cecilia Catcheway
Cecilia Nepichat
Cecilia Noel
Cecilia Quinae
Celena Alexis
Celile Moses
Celina Thomas
Celine (Fort Resolution)
Chantal Eugene
Charlemagne Damas
Charles Anderson
Charles Carpenter
Charles Cheese
Charles Fireing Stoney
Charles Fisher
Charles Fortin
Charles Fournier
Charles Grandbois
Charles Hunter (Fort Albany)
Charles Hunter (Red Deer)
Charles Morrisseau
Charles Mountain
Charles Ningishkung
Charles Ombash
Charles Shageze
Charles Wenjack
Charlie Amos
Charlie Big Lake
Charlie Bob
Charlie Douglas
Charlie Johnson
Charlie Many Times Going
Charlie McNab
Charlie Mechangabo
Charlie Penahsewa
Charlie Staats
Charlie Tobaccojuice
Charlotte Cheeo
Charlotte Drynocke
Charlotte Endageezick
Charlotte Mercredi (Cross Lake)
Charlotte Mercredi (Holy Angels)
Charlotte Sagutch
Charlotte Sandy
Charlotte Tangie
Charly Cooper
Chester Moore
Christian Laboucan
Christiana Shanoush
Christie Ross
Christina Pitt
Christine Burnstick
Christine Cooper
Christine Dumont
Christine Fortin
Christine Ginnwasbi
Christine Harry
Christine Jacob
Christine Janvier (A)
Christine Janvier (B)
Christine Josephine Joy Joseph
Christine Jules
Christine Kaskaman
Christine Redhead
Christine Roy
Chrysostôme Laviolette
Clémence Cook
Claire Lariviere
Clara Andrew
Clara Bigsky
Clara Mae Rush
Clara Moore
Clara Moses
Clara Silliboy
Clarence Gaston Anaskan
Clarina Matthew
Clarissa Drunken Chief
Clementine Mcarthur
Clifford Blackned
Clifford John Bearskin
Clifford Swan
Climey (Clymie) Elizabeth Koosees
Clothilda Willie
Colin Bernard
Connell Memekisik
Conrad Ahenakew
Cora Drugan
Cosmas Ya-Epoutle
Courtland Claus
Crane Medicine Crane
Cyprien Gaucher
Cyprien Janvier Watchapez
Cyril Edgar
Cyril Mussell
Daisy Dodging Noras
Daisy Medicine Smoker
Daisy Mikinak
Dalton Silver
Damien (Qu’Appelle)
Damien Weasle Head
Dan Charlie
Dan Hunter
Dan Oka
Dan Skinaway
Daniel Bertie Fireman
Daniel Cook
Daniel Dersrochers
Daniel Dog
Daniel Harry Billy
Daniel Idzozo
Daniel Jimigan
Daniel Kootenay
Daniel Masakeyash
Daniel Moise
Daniel Naposh/Napash
Daniel Tourangeau
Daria Spatay
David Allen Hance
David Bear Shirt
David Cardinal
David Cheesewahmnie
David Etukitsininani
David Freddie Nahacappo
David Harry Snowboy
David Larocque
David Laroque
David Lightning
David Menow
David Moar
David Neacappo
David Rain
David Redsky
David Sauteaux
David Swain
David Tatizoyhema
David Thomas
David Thomas Anderson
David Utchenayea
Deborah Mcdonald
Delia Dokum
Delia Mcintyre
Delphina Theoqualt
Delphine Anlgué
Delvina Bellehumeur
Denial Michel
Denis Albert
Denis Skunk
Denise Boucher
Denise Menosa
Dennis Dick
Desmond Greene
Dianne Bourne
Dick Standing Alone
Dinah Cyr
Dinah Wamistigush (Wamistigoosh)
Dolores George
Dolphus Kiyawasew
Dolphus Lefthand
Dolphus Stoney
Domistille Nepinak
Domitille Morissette
Donald Flett
Donald Miller
Donald Shade
Donalda Philip
Donat Crow Shoe
Dora Arcan
Dora Benson
Dora Gazon
Dora Isaacs
Dora Jane Houle
Dora Jonas
Dora Julian
Dora Noshkepy
Dora Tana’I
Dorcas Evelyn Cummisky
Doreen Wilson
Doris Acquin
Doris Carpenter
Doris Marjorie Starr
Doris McKay
Doris Studhorse
Dorothy Faries
Dorothy Ferries
Dorothy Herkimer
Dorothy Red Gun
Dorothy Rose Strongarm
Dorothy Ross
Dorothy Tangie
Dorothy Williams
Douglas Bear
Douglas Benson
Douglas Hall
Douglas Mcnabb
Dudley Shilling
Dummy Bad Boy
Duncan Sticks
Dwayne Jack
Earl Paul
Eddie Bob
Eddie L’Hirondelle
Eddie Paul
Edgar Basil
Edgar Bear
Edgar Calf Robe
Edgar Mcrae
Edgar Smith
Edith Carry Something
Edith Chaske
Edith Clause
Edith Cutter
Edith Cyr
Edith Michell
Edith Mike
Edith Miyestow
Edith Prettyshield
Edith Rabbit
Edith Redwood
Edith Turns Robes Over
Edmond Wibokamigad
Edna Bitternose
Edna Mahinganess
Edward Arnold
Edward Austin
Edward Baptiste
Edward Cassabalt James
Edward Edzéné Tcheli
Edward F. Antoine
Edward Fiddler
Edward Kapeskang
Edward Lightfoot
Edward Mcgarty Otakysy
Edward Murdock
Edward Thompson
Edward Wapanoose
Edward Waukay
Edward Whitecap
Edward Willier
Edwin Beaver
Edwin Harwin
Effie Smith
Eileen Bottle
Eileen Joseph
Eileen Standing Alone
Eléonore Ekretcher
Eleanor Hall
Elie Caribou
Elie Hunter
Elie Marquis Opisinon
Elie Wabosons
Eliezer Dadzene
Elijah (Shingwauk)
Elijah Staomer
Eline Frenchie
Elisa Boucher
Elisa Meoignow
Elise Abel
Elise Aze
Elise Beaverfoot
Elise Durocher
Elise Enare-tchor
Elise Gooday
Elise Indian
Eliza Auger
Eliza Bird (Gordon’s Band)
Eliza Bird
Eliza Francis
Eliza Goodswimmer
Eliza Kaachehow
Eliza Keno
Eliza Kitty
Eliza Louis
Eliza Oseemeemas
Eliza Oshie
Eliza Page
Eliza Rednose
Eliza Sealhunter
Eliza Starr
Eliza Thel’O
Elizabeth (Fort Resolution)
Elizabeth Adam
Elizabeth Badger
Elizabeth Baiser
Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Debosiga
Elizabeth Drygeese
Elizabeth Etlenzo
Elizabeth Etsembo
Elizabeth Fisher
Elizabeth Grayeye
Elizabeth Iron Shirt
Elizabeth Janvier
Elizabeth Kwatlatyi
Elizabeth Land
Elizabeth L’Hommecourt
Elizabeth Mahiganes
Elizabeth Mary Goodtrack
Elizabeth Menicoche
Elizabeth Papaseqwanape
Elizabeth Patrick
Elizabeth Rat
Elizabeth Rose
Elizabeth Ross
Elizabeth Severight
Elizabeth Sinclair
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Thomas
Elizabeth Watters
Elize (Fort Resolution)
Elize Ahseeneeseer
Elize Peepahkeechew
Ella Cooper
Ella Lafford
Ellen Ball
Ellen Casimir
Ellen Dorion
Ellen Dreaver
Ellen Hart
Ellen Mckenzie
Ellen Moses
Ellen Toomah
Ellese Koadeth
Ellie Rat
Elliot Sampson
Elmer Hardy
Elmira Oh-Oo-Sis
Elmirie Mirasty
Eloysa Tromatay
Elsie Blackbird
Elsie Camsell
Elsie Cook
Elsie Ogemah
Elzear Trottier
Emelie Michell
Emil Howard
Emile Anishinape
Emile Didgere
Emile Dumas
Emile Keith
Emile Marion
Emile Morin
Emile Sep
Emile Yellow Old Woman
Emilia Windigo
Emilie Dazay
Emilien Aitel
Emilien Morin
Emily Bird
Emily Four Dollars
Emily Hill
Emily Moustach
Emily Ojoogin
Emily Peter
Emily Redbreast
Emily Reubin (Ruben)
Emily Sagicheway
Emily Stanley
Emma Beardy
Emma Bird
Emma Blackstar
Emma Budding
Emma Cha
Emma Elton
Emma Fireman
Emma Huskey
Emma Ledoux
Emma Lesage
Emma Many Shots
Emma Martin
Emma Muskegapoo
Emma Musus
Emma Norman
Emma Northwind
Emma Okanaisaw
Emma Stanley
Emma Wells
Emma Williams
Emmanuel Lopes
Eric Meham
Ernest Bishop
Ernest Fox
Ernest Fox Head
Ernest Halkett
Ernest Wolf Child
Ernestine Boghin
Ernestine Corbiere
Ernestine Lefoin
Ernie Paul Simon
Esau Thunder
Esther Tangie
Etenasia Harriet Sangfrere
Ethel Baldhead
Ethel Ben
Ethel Bull-Back-Fat
Ethel Edwards
Ethel Haldane
Ethel Mcpherson
Ethel Running Antelope
Etienne Colombe
Etienne Harry
Etiennette Misen
Eugenie Waychakunew
Eulalie (Qu’Appelle)
Eulalie Veuillot
Eulalie Wooly Head
Eunice (Carcross)
Eunice Mitchell
Euphrasia Louis
Euphrosine Cyr
Eusèbe Jurannie
Eusebe Crow Flag
Eva C. Baptist
Eva Craty Baptiste
Eva Francois
Eva George
Eva Hall
Eva Hoole
Eva Jane Lickers (Herkimer)
Eva Perrish
Eva Standing Ribbon
Eva Wapey
Evangeline Jackson
Evelyn Boonus/Barnes
Evelyn Gordon
Evelyn Pocette
Evelyn Sharpe
Everest Alex George
Ewart Diffler
Faith Pamela Gordon
Fanny Grasshoper
Fanny Hall
Fanny Hall
Fanny Matosess
Fanny Ran After
Fanny River Woman
Felix Antoine
Felix Jack
Ferlin Southwind
Firth Rowena
Fisher George
Flora Ahan
Flora Bella Thomas
Flora Dobbs
Flora Jane Tawapisim
Flora Paul
Flora Pitwaniswin
Flora Seekoos
Florastine Tramble
Florence (Fort Resolution)
Florence Bastien
Florence Cawee
Florence Cheechoo
Florence Cyr
Florence Delorme
Florence Gordon
Florence Hartie
Florence Mcdonald
Florence Morgan
Florence Nepinak
Florence Paul
Florence Weasel Fatt
Florestine Cryer
Florestine Taylor
Flossie Rider
François Desjarlais
Françoise Billette
Françoise Peterson
Frances Pigeon
Francis Alec
Francis Allary
Francis Black Forehead
Francis Cheabies
Francis Chocan
Francis Janvier
Francis Johnson
Francis Macauley
Francis Maximin

Francis Moses
Francis Pitt
Francis Soop
Francis Waddilove
Francis Watson
Francis Webster
Francois Deneyozare
Francois Johnny
Francois Paul
Francoise Louine
Frank Brown
Frank Buhgwahgenene
Frank Burke
Frank Calf Chief
Frank Ferdinand Blackhand
Frank Francis
Frank Grey
Frank Hunting Hawk
Frank Johnny
Frank Kimberly
Frank Mamaniwatum
Frank Many Fingers
Frank Nacot
Frank Oshkapukeda
Frank Plaited Hair
Frank Red Old Man
Frank Spaniel
Frank Thomasson
Frank Ubaldus
Frank Wapiok
Fred (Qu’Appelle)
Fred Bone Rib Medicine
Fred Callingbull
Fred Kashananilowlgran
Fred Louine
Fred Manitochens (Michael)
Fred Nahwahgezhic
Fred Sarcee Woman
Fred Shanary
Fred Watt
Fred Young
Freddie Thunder
Freddy Bishop
Frederick Baptiste
Frederick James Charles
Frederick Jones
Frederick Kesik
Frederick Lafond
Frederick Lecamp
Frederick Watchmaker
Gabriel Beze
Gabriel Carpenter
Gabriel Crane
Gabriel Desjarlais
Gabriel Masson
Gabriel Mikkomusus
Gabriel Poundmaker
Gabriel Weasel Head
Gaspard Woodenball
Geneva Hunter
Genevieve Half Leg
Genevieve Ninine
George Augustine
George Bad Arm
George Ballandine
George Baptist
George Big Bear
George Cappin
George Freddie George
George Frog
George George
George Good Rider
George Johnson
George Kitchen
George L. Humchitt
George Longneck
George Maningway
George Martin
George Mckay
George Mclundy
George Michel
George Moses (Bishop)
George Moses Johnny
George Novoligak
George Patrick Samkies
George Paul
George Petel
George Purdaby
George Quisot
George Red-ears
George Roberts
George Robillard
George Scout
George Smith
George Spear Chief
George Spuzzum
George Weasle Robe
George William Ouellette
George Williams
Georgie Horasi
Georgina Aratzonne
Georgina House
Georgina Williams
Gerald Charles Badger
Gerald Kejick
Gerald Trottier
Geraldine Patricia Nanaquawetung
Gertie Red Old Man
Gertrude Ananas
Gertrude Crow Eagle
Gertrude De Laroque
Gertrude James
Gilbert Brown
Gilbert Crow
Gilbert Gardypie
Gilbert Mattinas
Gladys Chapman
Gladys King
Gladys Staats
Gladys Worm
Gloria White Cow
Gordon Tobias
Gordon Ladouceur
Gordon Lulua
Gordon One Spot
Grace Chief Moon
Grace Sophie Eninew
Graham Hunting Hawk
Grant Ross
Gretchen Joshua
Hélène Bruno
Hélène Gooday
Hélène Takaro
Hager Charles
Hanna Grant
Hannah [Coq]
Hannah M. Anderson
Hannah Sittachmck
Hannah Weezhoo
Hannah Wilson
Harimone Patinande
Harold Araneda
Harold Quinney
Harrie Traill
Harriet (Hay River)
Harriet Bittern Nose
Harriet Hattie
Harriet Jessie Sealhunter
Harriet Mistacheshuk
Harriet Munro
Harriet Pekoday
Harriett Candace
Harriett Ottereyes
Harriette Wadsworth
Harriot Panbrun
Harris Whitecap
Harry Bains
Harry Cardinal
Harry Frederick James
Harry Gilbert
Harry James
Harry Johnny
Harry Jordan
Harry Kakaychewan
Harry Lapatac
Harry Tate
Harry Lemilese
Harry Mintuck Mancheese
Harry O’Kanape
Harry Patrick
Harry Spence
Harry Stockin
Harry Wesley
Harvey Cheabies
Harvey Pinesse
Harvey Wilson Beaulieu
Hattie Tryudall
Hector A. Flett
Helen A. Oldpan
Helen Bear
Helen Betty Osborne
Helen Chief Mountain
Helen Gull
Helen [] Kemp[]
Helen May Seneca
Helen Morrison
Helen Spring Chief
Helene Eskamikapiw
Helene Manitowash
Helene Naytowohow
Heli Neyabiskapeweyen
Henri Sukkuman
Henri Atchenum
Henri Piché
Henrietta Bear
Henriette Andy
Henriette Myopa
Henriette Nanotch
Henriette Oliver
Henry Achanesa[]ctouh
Henry Andrew
Henry Cheesman
Henry Chuman
Henry Gagnon
Henry Joachin
Henry Johnny
Henry Kechego
Henry Lulu
Henry Mamahtwew
Henry Marsden
Henry Matosess
Henry Nepeneskum
Henry Norest Katism
Henry Peeteetuce
Henry Small Leg
Henry Swanson
Henry Willie
Herbert Gabourie
Herbert Mountain
Herbert Redwing
Herbert Robert Green
Herman Edward Kiyawasew
Herman Stewart-Martin
Hermas Piche
Hilda Jeffreys
Hilda Wilson (Fort Frances)
Hilda Wilson (Mohawk Institute)
Hilda Wuttunee
Howard Greenbird
Hubert Delorme
Hugh Coming Singing
Hugh King
Hugh King
Hughie Johnson
Hyla Crate
Hyla Moose
Ida Curley
Ida Inlsey
Ida Kakiwash
Ida Kiiawisens
Ida Mary Caroline Mickey
Ida Ross
Ida Tom
Illa Frogg
Imelda Edwards
Ina Nolan
Inez Wilson
Irene Bertha Andrew
Irene Daniels
Irene Innes
Irene Johnny
Irene Mitchell
Irene Sabourin
Irene Stoney
Irene Teresa Cardinal
Isaac Bird
Isaac Fisher
Isaac Janvier
Isaac Kezhihgobinis
Isaac Pain
Isaac Peters
Isaac Shebahgezhis
Isaac Thomas
Isaac Thompson
Isabelle Elénaze
Isabelle Huppe
Isabelle Inzel
Isabelle Laviolette
Isabelle Ward
Isadore (Fort Resolution)
Isadore Bescaye
Isaiah Beauvais
Isaiah Cook
Isaiah Powerface
Isbester Ross
Isiah Bittern
Isidore (Fort Providence)
Isidore Black
Isidore Brule
Isidore Ellize
Isidore Mercredi
Isidore Trottier
Isla Little
Ivan John Dreaver
Ivan Mcleod
Ivan Wilson
Ivy Bull Shield
J Darazel
J. Hind Bull
Jack B
Jack Bad Name
Jack Big Prairie Head
Jack Elanik
Jack Good Eagle
Jack Kelly
Jack Linklater
Jack Tairona
Jack Williams
Jacket Kaskaman
Jackie Archie James
Jackie Paul
Jacob Curicteur
Jacob Douglas
Jacob Grey
Jacob Mcleod
Jacques Issinaiaze Black Man
James Albert
James Campbell
James Crain
James Crow Chief
James Crow Shield
James Crowfoot
James Donald Noxsana
James Elmore
James Frank
James Hobson
James Iron Shirt
James Johnston
James Kahkeetookewtapiyou
James Laugher
James Louie George
James Mchallisey
James Muswaggan
James Noksana
James Obotossaway
James Okemow
James Paul
James Paul
James Redbreast
James Sutherland
James Underchief
Jamie Many Times Going
Jane (Fort Resolution)
Jane Baptiste
Jane Calf Child
Jane Cross Arms
Jane Fiddler
Jane Kitchejohn
Jane Many Shields
Jane Mckay
Jane Ogwane
Jane Parker
Jane Salt
Jane Spencer
Jane Warner
Janet Adams
Janet Moar
Janet Moose
Janet Tait
Jannet Ross
Jasper Mitchell
Jean (Fort Providence)
Jean Baptiste Blackbird
Jean Baptiste Hunter
Jean Baptiste Martin
Jean Jacques Mcdonald
Jean K-Ea
Jean Lady
Jean Marie Sepp
Jean Viviers
Jean-Baptiste Bird
Jean-Baptiste Whitebear
Jeanette Hume
Jeanette Posine
Jean-Marie Gazayoue
Jeanne D’arc Naurayi
Jeanne Marie Little Crane
Jeannen Joe
Jeannie Kownirk
Jeannie Lafond
Jemmy Cris
Jennie Fox
Jennie Kostachin
Jennie Robertson
Jennie Toomah
Jennie Twobear
Jenny Hassen
Jenny Maracle
Jerimiah Hoole
Jerome Andrew
Jerome Callingbull
Jerome Kitchikeken
Jerome Martin
Jerome Tsootzani
Jerry Ballentyne
Jerry Napope
Jesse Cusick
Jesse Mcgahey (Mount Elgin)
Jessie Chamberlain
Jessie Egodgin
Jessie Lucas
Jessie Mary James
Jessie Ogoogin
Jessie Wapoohoo
Jim (Qu’Appelle)
Jim Baker
Jim Baptist
Jim Black Face
Jim Flim
Jim Only Chief
Jimmie Benaouni
Jimmy Adam
Jimmy Bastan
Jimmy Colin
Jimmy Fortin
Jimmy Murphy
Jimmy Piwapiskus
Jimmy Robillard
Jimmy See See Quon
Jimmy Touchie
Joachin Coutepatte
Joan Eugene
Joan Manson
Joan Mikigok
Joanne Chief
Job Andrew Flett
Job. A. Lepatac
Joe Charley
Joe Edwards
Joe Manipan
Joe Moses
Joe Peyetchew
Joe Wet’Cade
John (Sarcee Reserve)
John Abraham
John Alexander
John Anderson
John Baptist Jim
John Bird
John Bird
John Bone Rib Medicine
John Bright Iron
John Bull
John Cameron
John Canadian
John Canadien
John Charles Mcdonald
John Chief
John Chief Moon
John Eninewis
John Faval
John Fisher
John Frederick Sutherland
John Grover
John Gwok
John Harper
John Hastings
John Jack
John Jacknife
John Jawbone
John Keeper
John Kennedy
John Kioki
John Knott
John Koodlarluk
John Kumawapumeko
John Kunawteewat
John Kuskageezick
John Laurent
John Lazarus (A)
John Lazarus (B)
John Lecamp
John Levens
John Lucas
John Merasty
John Moosomin
John Moses
John Nashkawa
John Oganape
John Oldpan
John Paishk
John Pascal
John Peel
John Peter Memekwesiw
John Poor Eagle
John Rayfiel Peters
John Rodd
John Ross
John Saganash
John Sailors
John Shawun Nebqua Petung
John Sidney Gardypie
John Sinclair
John Sophie
John Still
John Stone Bear
John Suzie
John Tchowis
John Tevorna
John Th. Stand at Door
John Thomas Smith
John Wabash
John Wahsagahpun
John Wapoos
John Watsare Aze
John Wilfred Snowshoe
Johnnie Matchap
Johnny Darrosaze
Johnny Dry-Meat
Johnny Jack
Johnny Kahkeetoonewtayyou
Johnny Kiyawasew
Johnny Lamb
Johnny Michel
Johnny Oktayuk
Johnny Peters
Johnny Puskeum
Johnny Sanderson
Johnny Thompson
Johnny Tromatay
Johnson Large
Johnston Coté
Jonah Ebbstone
Jonas Samson
Jonathan Martel
Jos Big Prairie Head
Jos. Many Shots
Joseph (Ontario)
Joseph Alex Cutter
Joseph Andrew
Joseph Basil
Joseph Beboning
Joseph Bigear
Joseph Blackhawk
Joseph Bobonning
Joseph Burnthead
Joseph Cains
Joseph Cameron
Joseph Cardinal
Joseph Chappiere
Joseph Charles
Joseph Chief Body
Joseph Constant
Joseph Desjarlais
Joseph Drunken Chief
Joseph Edgar Hodgson
Joseph Georgeskish
Joseph Hope
Joseph Hope
Joseph Ignace
Joseph Jacob
Joseph Kisikisewiskan
Joseph Lafleur
Joseph Lands
Joseph Lefthand
Joseph Louison
Joseph Ma-Gwa-Sew
Joseph Metat
Joseph Michell
Joseph Myo
Joseph Nali
Joseph Neigabiskapewen
Joseph Netawegabo
Joseph Neyabiskapewayen
Joseph Oig
Joseph Pasquats
Joseph Paul
Joseph Poitois
Joseph Sagutch
Joseph Sakaluk
Joseph Sayees
Joseph Spence
Joseph Stamp
Joseph Star
Joseph Storm
Joseph Thellattene
Joseph Thibault
Joseph Thomas
Joseph Thunderbear
Joseph Tourangeau
Joseph Vandale
Joseph Vittrekwa
Joseph Watchekam
Joseph William Commanda
Joseph Wolfe
Josephine (Qu’Appelle)
Josephine A. Moise
Josephine Arcand
Josephine Big Head
Josephine Canepotato
Josephine Chookomoolin
Josephine Dumont
Josephine Hard Collar
Josephine Harper
Josephine Jacob
Josephine Kanipitetew
Josephine Little Leaf
Josephine Louie
Josephine Mckay
Josephine Napesis
Josephine Norris
Josephine Sampson
Josephine Seymour
Josephine Shebakwan
Josephine Smith
Josephine Standing Buffalo
Josephte Head
Josette Couillonneur
Joshua Ckeeskomash
Joshua Jacob
Joshua Jones
Joshua Moses
Joshua Saskatchewan
Josiah Constant
Josie Fox
Josie Plain Woman
Josius Taylor
Jospeh Louis Richard
Jospeh Maynard [Leonard] Toulouse
Joyce Bluebird
Joyce Delores Mcdonald
Jules Couillonneur
Jules Tseleskampten
Julia (Onion Lake)
Julia Boyer
Julia Breland
Julia Crow Chief
Julia Detchen Dzor
Julia Jacobs
Julia Masug
Julia Three Stars
Julia Turkey
Julianna Piché
Julianna Spring Chief
Julie Bunn
Julie Fantastique
Julie Natakam
Julien Bighetty
Julienne Cardinal
Julienne Sharon Dennis
Juliet Chekachie
Juliette Boudreault
Juliette Rabbitskin
Juliette Wabigijig
Justine Gladu
Justine Jacknife
Justine Kitikaw
Justine Peekeekoot
Kate Blackice
Kate Mcgibbon
Kate Sackhaywaycappo
Katherine Beaver
Kathleen Cranebear
Kathleen Edna Louttit
Kathleen Kabestra
Kathleen Manitochens (Michael)
Kathleen Michel
Katie Manulth
Katie Taylor
Katy Ross
Katy Traill
Kenneth Bear
Kenneth C. Narcisse
Kenneth Collins
Kenneth Lloyd Anderson
Kenneth Mallaway
Kenneth Mitchell
Kipling Antoinette
Kissememow Sinclair
Kitchener Jamieson
Kitty Coté
Kukinthlikreth (Bertha McCoy)
Laura Awakwad
Laura Bird
Laura Lagituk
Laura Pascal
Laurence Hall
Laurie Dick
Lavina Beardy
Lawere Janviern
Lawrence Benjamin
Lawrence Buszouski
Lawrence Clear Sky
Lawrence Ledoux
Lawrence Mistaken Chief
Lawrence Pany Ermineskin
Lawrence Silverquill
Lawrence Stephen Williams
Lawrence Swain
Lawrence Thompson
Lawrence W. Fatt
Lawson Musouesh Kodawa
Lazare Janvier
Lazarus Charles
Lazarus Gord Prairie Chicken
Leila Tomigo
Lena (St. Mary’s Mission)
Lena Alexander
Lena Cardinal
Lena Lord
Lena Osawabine
Lena Ruben
Leo Crowchief
Leo Kicknosway
Leo Larocque
Leo Mitchell
Leo Pipe
Leo Saulteux
Leo Sleeping Wolf
Leon Abraham
Leon Gunn
Leon Lalonde
Leon Mongrand
Leon Run Rabbit
Leonard Baptiste
Leonard Bear
Leonard Julian
Leonard Major
Leonard Piché
Les Mitchell
Leslie Keith Charlie
Leslie Lewis
Leta Powderface
Letitia John
Levi Harper
Libia (Fort Resolution)
Lilias Munro
Lillian Brass
Lillian Fourhorse
Lillian Skipper
Lillian Smoker
Lillian VanEvery
Lillie Walker
Lilly Leo Charlie
Lilly Mcgarty Otakysy
Lily (Qu’Appelle)
Lily Chief
Lily Nicholas
Lily Pearl Smith
Lily Rednose
Lily Ross
Lily Shot Both Sides
Lily/Lillie Rupert
Lina Hironcelle
Linda May Cholo
Linus Kinikens
Lisa Enaxch
Liza Etlonzo
Liza Farguson
Lizzie Boyer
Lizzie Fisher
Lizzie Johnny
Lizzie Joseph Edward
Lizzie Mackland
Lizzie Many Horses
Lizzie Mongoose
Lizzie Neepineskum
Lloyd George David Quocksistala
Lloyd Leon
Llwellyn Jackson
Lottie Ann McCorrester
Lonnie Bears Direction
Lorena Thomas
Loretta Norma Smith
Loretta Sero
Lorne Big Snake
Lorne Ogemah
Louis (Pine Creek)
Louis [Dine] Masakegon
Louis Bastien
Louis Bellegarde
Louis Betcheldekdhi
Louis Cameron
Louis Knox
Louis Kotchiles
Louis Littlechild
Louis Lost
Louis Morris Minwahsin
Louis Naas
Louis P. Johnson
Louis Strong
Louis Takaro
Louis Tobie Piché
Louis Tourangeau
Louis Willier
Louisa August George
Louisa Baptiste
Louisa Bull
Louisa Chicken
Louisa Leween
Louisa Mckay
Louisa Pascal (All Saints)
Louisa Pascal (Loucheau Band)
Louisa Seeseequasis
Louisa Smith
Louisa Steinhauer
Louisa Williams
Louisa Youngchief
Louise Freeman
Louise Gras de Rat
Louise Isaac
Louise Lost
Louise Mountain Horse
Louise Nancy Wakwan
Louise Oshkabewicane
Louise Pryekwaw
Louise Sayer
Louise Seymour
Louise Wawashkish
Louise Weasel Tail
Lucia Charlougon
Lucia Peaychew
Lucie Bruneau
Lucie Sagutch
Lucie Semantha
Lucille O’Cheek
Lucine Whimpin
Lucy Andrews
Lucy Arabene
Lucy Clay
Lucy Gordon
Lucy Kezhekobsuse
Lucy Meguanawap
Lucy Michell
Lucy O’Sheam
Lucy Pekoday
Lucy Peter Norris
Lucy Rosy Dan
Lucy Saw Hau Poh Kayo
Lucy Sinclair
Lucy Tsell
Lucy Tukluk
Lydia Moore
Lynda Mcpherson
M. Agnes Garson
M. E. Kamkawekew
M. Madeleine Smith
M. Olive Tourangeau
M. Therese Whitecap
M.A. Allary
Mabel Bear
Mabel Camsell
Mabel Crane Bear
Mabel Houle
Mabel Irma Cyr
Mabel Joyce Mcleod
Mabel Kiyawasew
Mabel Mandomin
Mabel Martin
Mabel Moses
Mabel Njootli
Mabel Paull
Mabel Skeid
Mabel Van Gorder
Mabel Walker
Mabel Wood
Mable Black Horse
Madaline Monday
Madeleine (Onion Lake)
Madeleine Benaouni
Madeleine Chalifoux
Madeleine Ctlak’Ale
Madeleine Eskamikapiw
Madeleine Gagnon
Madeleine Head
Madeleine Jimmy
Madeleine Kodhnose
Madeleine Michell
Madeleine Monias
Madeleine Pr[]Tcho
Madeleine Shanary
Madeleine Wolf Tail
Madeline Colin
Madeline Giroux
Madeline Moonais
Madeline Sutherland
Magdalen Beaudry
Magdalen Calf
Maggie Bob
Maggie Cromarty
Maggie Curister
Maggie Dorion
Maggie Fraser
Maggie Laroque
Maggie Lua
Maggie Maminowata
Maggie Martin
Maggie Mcdonald
Maggie Moore
Maggie Mucheasakack
Maggie Sashawaskum
Maggie Torango
Maggie Wanakamik
Maggie Whittney
Magloire Billette
Maglore Whitstone
Maisie Shaw
Malcolm Auger
Malcolm Cowboy
Malcolm Joseph Auger
Marcel Awikotsace
Marceline Monians
Marg Agasuijlakan
Margaret Andrews
Margaret Bruce
Margaret Campbell Mcswain
Margaret Edjeregon
Margaret Emery
Margaret Fox
Margaret Indushozozogeegish
Margaret Jane Bee
Margaret Kesick
Margaret Le Mack
Margaret Lickers
Margaret Louis
Margaret M. Cardinal
Margaret Many Poor Eagle
Margaret Maracle
Margaret Muckaque
Margaret Nancy Venn
Margaret Pard
Margaret Peetawekijick
Margaret Primeau
Margaret Sawaypayiw
Margaret Singebis
Margaret St. Paul
Margaret Sutherland
Margaret Williams
Marguerite (Qu’Appelle)
Marguerite Assassayo
Marguerite Collins
Marguerite Darazele
Marguerite Ducharme
Marguerite Fallardeau
Marguerite Lincleter
Marguerite Moose
Marguerite Provost
Maria Desjarlais
Maria Evans
Maria J. Cook
Maria Kaspwat
Maria Kruger
Maria Lathlin
Maria Mclean
Maria Murdock
Maria Pepin
Maria Susie
Maria Trachi
Marie A. Bell
Marie Adeline Piche
Marie Albert
Marie Albertine Robillard
Marie Alexandrine Opikokew
Marie Anne Ratfat
Marie Aquasis
Marie Bear
Marie Beaver
Marie Bighetty
Marie Caroline Cardinal
Marie Celestine Tourangeau
Marie Charlotte
Marie Christine Dawatzare
Marie Diaume
Marie Elizabeth Fantastique
Marie Elizabeth Seekoos
Marie Elizabeth Yadzaray
Marie Emile Dustyhorn
Marie Estelle Wolf
Marie Eulalie Piwapsiskus
Marie Eustella Piche
Marie Gilberte Crow
Marie Jack

Marie Kakitomustus ‘Leduc’
Marie Labelle
Marie Lalonde
Marie Louise Acoose
Marie Louise Gazon
Marie Louise Hainsworth
Marie Louise Laviolette
Marie Louise Piché
Marie Louise Smith
Marie Lucie Beaver
Marie Madeleine Beaulieu
Marie Madeleine Dénéyoussé
Marie Madeleine Fiza
Marie Madeleine Laferty
Marie Mckay
Marie Natakam
Marie Oh-Oo-Sis
Marie Reine Scatch
Marie Rose
Marie Rose Iasens
Marie Rose Sabourin
Marie Sabourin
Marie Saké
Marie Seepeeqascan
Marie Suzanne Opikokew
Marie Thérèse Bob
Marie Theopholie
Marie Therese Door
Marie Thorne
Marie Tootoos
Marie Tripderoche
Marie Ulla
Marie Virginie Quinnie
Marie Yadzaray
Marie-Adele Adziu
Marie-Adele Dominque
Marie-Rose Dorrossage
Marion (Marian) Wesley
Marion Land
Marjorie Hind Bull
Mark Wah Pe Ka Ni Waup
Marry Kechege
Marsha Thunder
Martel Lenaigre
Martha Anderson
Martha Auger
Martha G. Sukedjeweskang
Martha Kashkesh
Martha M.
Martha Mark
Martha Margaret Kunnezzi
Martha Mcleod
Martha Natsiapik
Martha Phillip
Martha Rivers
Martha Root []
Martha Scott
Martial Siwap
Martial Tawepesim
Martin Johnny
Martin Paskweyak
Martin Souliere
Martin Sweeps Toward The Fire
Martina Small Legs
Marvin Jeff
Mary A. Desjarlais
Mary Adela Settee
Mary Agatha Windigo
Mary Agnes Houle
Mary Agnes Johnston
Mary Agnes Ward
Mary Alma Levi
Mary Andrew
Mary Ann Ash
Mary Ann Black
Mary Ann Delorme
Mary Ann Fletcher
Mary Ann François
Mary Ann Job
Mary Ann Robinson
Mary Ann Samson
Mary Ann Siwap
Mary Ann Suzan Clara Ottereyes
Mary Anne Agathe
Mary Anne Greenland
Mary Anne Sanecko
Mary Anne Soulle
Mary Antoinette Pascal
Mary Baptiste
Mary Bertha Eva Lepiné
Mary Blanchard
Mary Blue Wings
Mary Bob
Mary Bone
Mary Buckskin
Mary Captain
Mary Catherine (Kate) Fietz
Mary Charlette
Mary Cheebotobie
Mary Clair
Mary Clarke
Mary Custer
Mary Dénéru
Mary D’Allieboust
Mary Delorme
Mary Delphine Morrison
Mary Dettanekease
Mary Dixon (Cross Lake)
Mary Dixon (Morley)
Mary Elaine George
Mary Elliot
Mary Eva Iron Head
Mary F Keewatincappo
Mary Fighting The Battle
Mary Francois
Mary Gehue
Mary Ginnish
Mary Grace Moses
Mary Hilda Elizabeth Bigstone
Mary Jack
Mary Jane Brown
Mary Jane Cook
Mary Jane Head
Mary Jane Indian
Mary Jane Mitchel
Mary Jane Rednose
Mary Jane Ross
Mary Jane Sparvier
Mary JaneYahyahyacum
Mary Josephine Daniels
Mary Josie Siah
Mary Judith Calf Bull
Mary Jules
Mary Kadah
Mary Kirkness
Mary Kumapawesit/Kumapowesit/Rumapawesit
Mary Laurent
Mary Lefthand
Mary Lightning
Mary Louise Oshie
Mary Louise Sagassige
Mary Lucy
Mary Lucy Leather
Mary Madeleine Bernard
Mary Major
Mary Mandomin
Mary Manossa
Mary Marsden
Mary Martha Iron Head
Mary Martin
Mary Medweiash
Mary Mountain Horse
Mary Napeneskum
Mary Netathli
Mary P[]Batte
Mary Petawayway
Mary Petuhwepejhik
Mary Pokiak
Mary Quackegesick
Mary Rabbit
Mary Rose Arcand
Mary Rose Was Getting Up
Mary Semo
Mary Sharphead
Mary Shekabao
Mary Shot Both Sides
Mary Spider
Mary Stella Alook
Mary Strong
Mary Sutherland
Mary Suzie Hoof
Mary Swallow
Mary Taylor
Mary Tharé
Mary Tobico
Mary Toney
Mary Tookuluak
Mary Twain
Mary Udzi
Mary Vincent
Mary Viviers
Mary Wadsworth
Mary Williams
Mary Yellowlodge
Mary Yvonne Beaver
Maryann Many Fingers
Mary-Ann Skipper
Maryanne Wesley
Mary-Jane Kitchen
Mary-Jane Tawapisim
Mary-Virginia King
Masie Bella Whetford
Matheu Lackawe
Mathewson Bull
Mathieu Kamascatishishit
Mathilda Large
Matilda Bisaillon
Matilda Colin
Matilda David
Matilda Ross
Matthew Mckenzie
Matthew Two Bear
Maud Jackson
Maud Tapewaywaypenasick
Maud Waposewyan
Maud Wibokamigad
Maurice Frog Head
Maurice Lesage
Maurice Nicholas
Maurice Young
Maxine King
May Harris
May Nysok
May Parnell
May Ross
Mckay Titian
Melanie Cardinal
Melanie Masson
Melanie Quaw
Melanie Walker
Melvin Reindeer
Meni Konakipi
Merilda Napess
Merle Paul
Michael Antoine
Michael Charley Macheegabow
Michael Gerald Rabbitcarrier
Michael Jean Sapay
Michael Maskatepwist
Michael Peter Perswain
Michael Prince
Michael Sutherland
Michael Windigo
Micheal C. Moses
Michel Akiwenzie
Michel Kanamatchew
Michel Lamb
Michel Matinas
Michele Smith
Mike Calf Robe
Mike Crow Spreading His Wings
Mike Oombash
Mildred Edna Moses
Mildred James
Milly Kamamatchew
Mina Nero
Minnie Boucher
Minnie Natwapinashkam
Minnie Reddish Guns
Minnie Rider
Minnie Ross
Minnie Spy
Mitchell Joseph
Modest Kosteinagant
Modeste Dorrossage
Moise Janvier Watchapez
Moise Jim
Moise Koawhe
Moise Larivere
Moise Minoweshkang
Mollie Dickson
Molly Irene Moon
Monica Black Kettle
Moonias Therese
Morin Joachim
Morley Snake
Moroni Quakegesick
Morris Justin
Morris Keewatin
Morris Rooster
Moses (Little Bone)
Moses (Shingle Point)
Moses Andrew
Moses Badger
Moses Beardy
Moses Tom
Moses Uilok
Muriel Plaited Hair
Myrtle Bertha Oates
Myrtle Jane Moostoos
Myrtle Moosoos
Myrtle Richardson
Myrtle Riley
Nancy Adelaide Grandjambe
Nancy Atchenum
Nancy Blackice
Nancy Cheabies
Nancy Flett
Nancy Janvier
Nancy Keewatin
Nancy Lampquin
Nancy Mcpherson
Nancy Moody
Nancy Naistus
Nancy Okemasis
Nancy Sagutch
Nancy Saw-Phaw-Pah-Kay-00
Nancy Shawinaw
Nancy Sinclair
Nancy Tooshenan
Nancy Tsetso
Nanette Eskamikapiw
Nanokeesic (Sioux Lookout)
Naomi Margot Cardindal
Narcisse Gazoer
Narcisse Tchowis
Neil Anwunk
Nellie Bonnetplume
Nellie Bremner
Nellie Fallardeau
Nellie Horrisey
Nellie Klutesi
Nellie Night
Nellie Orr
Nellie Sims
Nellie Three Guns
Nelson Peter Spence
Nephirin Morin
Ningwennina Oskahjukeda (Frederick Oshkapukeda)
Noah Thomassie
Noel Daniel Raymond
Noemie Michell
Nora Blacksmith
Nora Jane
Nora John
Nora Many Tail Feathers
Nora Moostoos
Nora Napaces
Nora Wasecunna
Noreen Verone Crowhurst
Norma Pauline Frank
Norman Bob
Norman Clarence Aleck
Norman Jackson
Norman Kahkekaypinesse
Norman Kitchikekek
Norman Kruger
Norman Mark
Norman Mckay
Norman Nice Cutter
Norman Robinson
Norma Soney
Norman Thunder
Octavie Didzere
Ole Johnson Peter
Olive Helene Firth
Olive Whale (Sholst)
Oliver Cochrane
Oliver Moore
Olwen Studhorse
Oscar Justice
Owen James Asapace
P. Williams (Kuper Island)
Pat Dodgiing Horse
Patrice Dumas-Sarcee
Patrice Martin
Patrice Pircheto
Patricia Marilyn Joseph
Patrick Beaulieu
Patrick Chah
Patrick Gro Ventre
Patrick Joe
Patrick Marquis Opisinon
Patrick N. Prince
Patrick Sailors
Patrick Tanner
Patrick Tootoos
Patsy Giroux
Pattee Peducket
Paul Chocan
Paul Dumas
Paul Emile Land
Paul Joseph
Paul Legace
Paul Lewis
Paul Little Wolfe
Paul Loonskin
Paul Nezcroche
Paul Peter Mcginty
Paul Saomitani
Paul Shorty
Paul Stony
Paul Watchmaker
Paul White Fish
Paul Wolf
Paula Owl Child
Paula Standing
Pauline Beaulieu
Pauline Johnson
Pauline Laviolette
Pauloosie Meeko
Pearl Brave Rock
Pearl Joe
Pearl Michael
Peggy Bull
Percy Ochapawace
Perry George Siberian
Peter Anderson
Peter Beauvais
Peter Big Head
Peter Bighetty
Peter Chubb
Peter Crazy Bull
Peter Cross Buck
Peter Doctor
Peter Good Rider
Peter Jacobs
Peter Jones Stone
Peter Kapkagesik
Peter Louis Alexander
Peter Michael Anderson
Peter Michael Purdaby
Peter Okimaw
Peter Pelissay
Peter Plain
Peter Redbreast
Peter Siah
Peter Smith
Philip Armstrong
Philip Brightnose
Philip Canada
Philip Jack
Philip Joshua (A)
Philip Joshua (B)
Philip Marten
Philip Mitchell
Philip Never Gets Out
Philip Pekoday
Philip Redbreast
Philip Redhead
Philip Swain
Philippe Sanderson
Phillip Mcnabb
Phillip Small Leg
Phillip Wadsworth
Philomena Bruyere
Philomena Naytewehew
Philomene (Qu’Appelle)
Philomene Amajiwegijig
Philomene Debasige
Philomene Laroque
Philomene Maskatepwist
Philomene McIvor
Philomene Rednose
Philomina Quinn
Philomine Desjarlais
Philomine Naytowohow
Phoebe Pokiak
Phyllis Red Gun
Piché Joseph
Piere Sewepayiw
Pierre Beaulieu
Pierre Bob
Pierre Bull Dog Fly
Pierre Cardinal
Pierre Cursitor
Pierre Daniel
Pierre Flett
Pierre Janvier
Pierre Kakitomustus
Pierre Kaniswawetang
Pierre Lamouelle
Pierre Okimaw
Pierre Paquet
Pierre Trachi
Pierre Tromatay
Pius Allen
Pius Calf Robe
Priscilla Beatrice Bear
Priscilla Prairie Chicken
Pruden Augustine
Queenie Small Eagle
Rachel Hairline
Rachel Heavy Head
Rachel Henderson
Ralph Calah
Ralph Cat Face
Ralph Crowded That Way
Ralph Jumbo
Ramona Lynn Diablo
Raphael Corrigal
Raphael Katakwapit
Raphael Nah-Kah-Nah-Qua-Hung
Raphael Tomykatie
Rawley Isadore Dan
Raymond A. Brown
Raymond Eagle
Raymond Jacobs
Rebekah Agnes Sealhunter
Reggie Allan
Regie Boyer
Regina George
Reginald Starlight
Regis Rivier
Regis Thomas
Remea Peesoopahtaw
Remi Snake Eater
Rena Swakum
Reuben Fox
Rhoda Black Plume
Rhonda Ekin
Richard Allan Mandamin
Richard Cook
Richard Murphy Allen Thomas
Richard Shumaeshi
Richard Smith
Richard Thomas
Ricky Walter Charlie
Rita Loon
Rita Williams
Robert Chahebugiscounit
Robert Gibson
Robert Lonesinger
Robert Mcgibbon
Robert Mcnab
Robert Myo
Robert Running In The Middle
Robert Sutherland
Robert Teya
Robert Thompson
Robert Toasi
Robert Wells
Robert White
Roderick Beardy
Roderick Keesick
Roderick Wascowin
Rodrique Piwapiskus
Roger Tchowis
Ronald Frezie
Ronald Gets Lots Of Wood In The Night
Ronald Saulteaux
Rosa Denet’e
Rosa Lost
Rosalie Belanger
Rosalie Benson
Rosalie Hartley
Rosalie Keeneeqwayneepeeness
Rosalie Mamahtwew
Rosalie Moses
Rosalie Mustatip
Rosalie Paul
Rosalie Piche
Rosalie Sywap
Rosalie Viviers
Rosalina Johnny
Rosaline Bird
Rose Ada Davis
Rose Adrian
Rose Crow Eagle
Rose Johnson
Rose Kratar
Rose Marie Adolph
Rose Mary Lowhorn
Rose Mary Scalp Lock
Rose Mary Wolfe
Rose O’Reilly
Rose Rabbit
Rose Wemigwans
Rose Worm
Rosie Austin
Rosie Bull Shields
Rosie Martel
Rosie Michell
Rosine Déranger
Rosy Michael David
Rowland Pechawis
Roy King
Roy Richards
Roy Umpherville
Ruben Sandyou
Ruby Curley
Ruby Quackageezick
Rupert Tanner
Russell Bennett
Russell Rufus Cook
Russell Swain
Ruth Kennedy
Ruth Kyooeu
Ruth Redsky
Ruth Shining Double
Sabeth Sutherland
Sabeth Wabano
Sabina Ernest David
Sadie Jack
Sally May Patrick
Salomi Laframboise
Sam Crowchild
Sam Redsky
Sam Simon Oskisin
Sam Young Skunk
Sampson Omisinahsqutaimi
Sampson Whitehead
Samson Edgar
Samson Harris
Samson Mclean
Samson Nine Oclock
Samuel (Fort Providence)
Samuel (Qu’Appelle)
Samuel Anghame
Samuel Bigsky
Samuel Byshei
Samuel Chapkebregumb
Samuel Gardner
Samuel Good Child
Samuel Justice
Samuel Sakakeesic
Samuel Sealhunter
Samuel Skilliter
Samuel Smallgeese
Samuel Stimson
Samuel Watson
Samuel Wesley
Samuel Whonock
Sanders (Ontario)
Sanderson (Birtle)
Sandra Seymour
Sara Black Eye
Sara Denerou
Sara Thicestone
Sarah Bird (Brandon)
Sarah Bird (Gordon’s)
Sarah Bohner
Sarah Briton
Sarah Doris Stewart
Sarah Gaetz
Sarah Healy
Sarah Hill
Sarah J. Sinclair
Sarah Jack
Sarah Jane Catcheway
Sarah Jane Eagle
Sarah Jane Koosh
Sarah M. Brass
Sarah M. Cochrane
Sarah Maccoisis
Sarah Marsum
Sarah Mary McRae
Sarah May Good Day
Sarah Mikinak
Sarah Moses
Sarah Night
Sarah Sampson
Sarah Soosay
Sarah Spence
Sarah Tetlechi
Sarapop Black Plume
Saul Moses
Shannon Coo-Pay-Pay
Shirley L. Peter
Shirley Leslie Williams
Shirley Link
Silas Hanska
Silas Redbreast
Silas Thomas Frog
Simeon Ashnipinishkam
Simon Altman
Simon Big Road
Simon Burns
Simon Francis Jeffries
Simon Gontek
Simon Gotchin
Simon Jacobs
Solomon Kahgee
Simon Napotokan
Simon Oibeau
Simon Sayees
Simon Tom
Sinclair Anderson
Sinclair Nepaneshkum
Sinclair Pestawayan
Sinclair Spaniel
Solomon Applegarth
Solomon Ashkewe
Solomon Corning
Solomon Good
Solomon Hamilton
Solomon Steersman
Sophia Edgar
Sophia Julia Half
Sophia Mcleod
Sophia Queskakpo
Sophia Sinclair
Sophia Yellow Old Women
Sophie (Fort Resolution)
Sophie Arnoose
Sophie Baptist
Sophie Casimir
Sophie George
Sophie Grant
Sophie Joseph
Sophie Kea
Sophie Monias
Sophie Moore
Sophie Noothlenu
Sophie Pangooish
Sophie Pettel
Sophie Rain
Sophie Rains
Sophie Sarceewoman
Sophy Nelson
St. Pierre Bellys[]sow
Stanley Big Swan
Stanley Crate
Stanley Crow Eagle
Stanley Frank
Stanley Gullion
Stanley Herkimer
Stanley Joseph
Stanley Paul
Stanley Setah
Stella Constant
Stella Desjarlais
Stella Keeper
Stella Wuttunee
Stephane Fiseman
Stephanie Joe
Stephen Cameron
Stephen Franklin
Stephen Jandreau
Stephen Medicine Shield
Stephen Paul
Stephen Roberts
Stev Wolfe
Steven Stevens
Stewart Spencer
Stoney Johnson
Student No. 0131
Susan Blackbird
Susan D. John
Susan Mccallum
Susan Pierre
Susan Sachaywaycappe
Susan Sharphead
Susan Two Young Men
Susanna Tait
Susannah Hill
Susannah Maracle
Susie Anderson
Susie Bastien
Susie Bull Shields
Susie Keysick
Susie Little Ace
Susie Little Axe
Susie Small Wolf
Suzan Commandant
Suzanna Grand’Jambe
Suzanne Bimmard
Suzanne Dénéganze
Suzanne Four Horns
Suzette Cryer
Suzette Merasty
Suzie Many Good
Suzie S. Wolf
Sybil Anishinabi
Sydney Checkochee
Sydney Wesley Mountain
Sylvester Patrick
Taylor Santo
Teresa Jeffries
Thérèse Manderidéf
Thérèse Mitchell
Thaddeus Leonard
Thelma Good
Theodore Cook
Theodore Mckay
Theophane Johnny
Theophile Dick Billy
Theresa Ignatius
Theresa Lacour
Theresa Ewenin
Theresa Thomas
Theresa Wemigwans
Therese Alec
Therese L’Huille
Therese Lariviere
Therese Marlo
Therese Michell
Therese Okitigo
Therese Piwapiskus
Therese Recollet
Therese Thomas
Thomas Alcrow
Theresa L’Huille
Thomas Campbell
Thomas Dickson
Thomas Grande Jambe
Thomas Jim
Thomas Ladouceur
Thomas Loutittt
Thomas Mason
Thomas Morissette
Thomas Musus [Larocque]
Thomas Nepinak
Thomas Nyalti
Thomas Ombash
Thomas Pekoday
Thomas Ross
Thomas S. Skilliter
Thomas Simon
Thomas Three Bulls
Thomas Tyrell
Thomas Wapahoo
Thomas Wapoos
Thomas Yellow Old Woman
Thos Wawanapetungs
Three Stars
Tibia (Fort Resolution)
Timothy Scott
Tina Pelletier
Tina Seaton
Tom Black Face
Tom Many Horses
Tom Rider
Tommy Aleck
Tommy Captain
Tommy Jones
Tommy Willier
Trudeau (Manitoulin Island)
Ubald Nicolas
Uriah Baxter
V.F. Davin
Valerie LeCaine
Velma Kabestra
Vera Underwood
Verna Martineau
Verneda David Aleck
Veromi Johnson
Veronica Classetow Canute
Veronica Saganaki
Veronique Benaouni
Veronique Desjardins
Veronique Houle
Veronique Levasseur
Veronique Sywap
Veronique Ward
Victor (Fort Resolution)
Victor Sugar
Victor Yellow Knee
Victoria Hunt
Victoria Kaspwat
Victoria Kathleen Stewart
Victoria Kelly
Victoria Marjorie Large
Victoria Pewapiskus
Victoria Still
Victoria Trout
Victoria Ward
Victorine Lépiné
Vidal Dumond
Vierna Manitos
Viola Gets Wood
Violet Kayasowatam
Violet McKay
Violet Underwood
Violet William
Virginia Bird
Virginia Collins
Virginia Corbiere
Virginia Fidele
Virginia Moses
Virginia Tchawis
Virginie Hamelin
Virginie Kahkeetoomay
Vital Lafferty
Vital Red Morning
Vital Sonfrere
Vital T’Lo
Vivian Gets Wood
Wallace Across the Mountain
Wallace Creighton
Walter Big Crow
Walter Carlick
Walter Choutsi
Walter Dennis Charlie
Walter Green
Walter Henry
Walter Poorman
Walter Powhuna
Walter Powshuna
Walter Stevens
Walter Weasel Horn
Watson Huntinghawk
Wellesley Fisher
Wetuhnashch (Simon Altman)
White Bright Star
Wilbur Mountain Horse
Wilfred Arcand
Wilfred Eagle Speaker
Wilfred Lalo
Wilfred Pratt
Wilfred Stewart
Wilfred Toto
Wilhemina Anderson
Willard Frank William
William (Qu’Appelle)
William Alexson
William Armstrong
William Bernard
William Cardinal
William Charasse
William Chevaise
William Chicago
William Courtoreille
William Crow
William Delver
William Esquimau
William George
William Hamilton
William Head
William Jones
William Kaskup
William Kennedy
William Manijins
William Maquina
William Mckay
William Merasty
William Miller
William Millie
William Norbert
William Noye
William Owen
William Pasquats
William Peter
William Petsetuce
William Richard
William Saguhcheway
William Sauteau
William Steersman
William Stonefish
William Tchéa
William Thomas
William Thomas Bird
William Winnipeg
Williamson (Manatoulin Island)
Willie Black Forehead
Willie Blackice
Willie Desjarlais
Willie Henry
Willie Joseph
Willie Lachance
Willie Medicine
Willie Ross
Willie Stonefish
Willie Sutherland
Willis R. Fisher
Wilson Wuttunee
Winnifred Moody
Wolf Child
Yate’Ie Monique
Yinnito Taylor
Yvette Walters
Yvon T. Thunder
Yvonne Thunder
Yvonne Wabosons
Zaccheus Minow
Zar Morris Jack
Zephaniah Charles
Zotique Kahkikyas

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NCTR’s spirit name – bezhig miigwan, meaning “one feather”.

Bezhig miigwan calls upon us to see each Survivor coming to the NCTR as a single eagle feather and to show those Survivors the same respect and attention an eagle feather deserves. It also teaches we are all in this together — we are all one, connected, and it is vital to work together to achieve reconciliation.