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Here are some examples of types of projects you could create. These examples do not cover every type of project that Imagine a Canada would fund with a micro-grant. 

Feel free to think outside the box! What is a need you observe in your school or community that would be addressed through a lens of Reconciliation?


  • Invite Survivors, Elders, or Knowledge Keepers to speak at or lead a series of learning events
  • Host an Indigenous language class
  • Host an Indigenous storytelling event
  • Host a food sovereignty workshop
  • Invite Elders or Knowledge Keepers to share medicine teachings
  • Host a celebration in honour of local Elders
  • Host drumming circles or round dances
  • Host arts projects or workshops (moccasin-making)
  • Host a community clean-up
  • Host a donation drive to supply community
  • Host a traveling exhibit from Legacy of Hope
  • Host a march or walk in honour MMIWG


  • Hold a conference to help educate and spread awareness about important issues that affect your community.
  • Engage school or community to create an art piece or mural
  • Host art-making workshops and host an art show
  • Host workshops like moccasin-making
  • Plan and create a permanent sharing space for learning
  • Plan and plant a medicine garden or Heart garden or community garden
  • Hold a film screening with guest speakers
  • Hold a youth retreat with speakers and ceremonies
  • Host a conference or forum for education and awareness
  • Record and produce stories involving Indigenous Elders
  • Create and develop episodes of a podcast on important issues

Eligible expenses:

  • Honouraria for speakers or consultation
  • Tobacco/medicines (as per local protocol)
  • Gifts for Survivors, Elders, or Knowledge Keepers
  • Building supplies and art supplies
  • Rentals for event space or equipment
  • Refreshments
    • (limited budget and must be for specific purposes. i.e. an event or during art-making gatherings etc.)
  • Incidentals (small amount ($50) set aside for discretionary or unforeseen expenses)

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NCTR’s spirit name – bezhig miigwan, meaning “one feather”.

Bezhig miigwan calls upon us to see each Survivor coming to the NCTR as a single eagle feather and to show those Survivors the same respect and attention an eagle feather deserves. It also teaches we are all in this together — we are all one, connected, and it is vital to work together to achieve reconciliation.