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Crowfoot (St. Joseph’s)

 -  1900 -1968

Religious Entity: Catholic

Roman Catholic missionaries opened Crowfoot school at Blackfoot Crossing, Alberta in 1900. In 1909 the school (also known as the Blackfoot or St. Joseph’s) was moved to Cluny Alberta. In 1909, 22 of 29 students had tuberculosis, and Indian Affairs believed the school to be overcrowded. In 1921 a nurse reported finding “four boys in chains and chained to the benches” at the school. From 1950 onward the school also operated as a day school and the number of students in residence declined from that point onwards. The residence closed in 1968.

group of students from Crowfoot St. Josephs
Group of people outside in field at Crowfoot St. Josephs
Crowfoot St. Joseph's building

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Damien Weasle Head1927-06-29
Angela Black Water1931-05-31
Anna Littlechief1900-10-01 – 1900-10-31
Annette Many Bears1928-04-04
C. Windsor Three Suns1941-09-08
Catherine Bear Hat1916-07-11
Clarissa Drunken Chief1912-01-01
Daisy Medicine Smoker1932-03-04
David Bear Shirt1931-07-17
Denis Skunk1925-01-01
Dorothy Red Gun1932-09-13
Edith Cutter1928-03-08
Emile Yellow Old Woman1932-11-28
Emma Many Shots1933-01-24
Genevieve Half Leg1933-06-16
Helen Spring Chief1940-11-17
Isidore Black1958-02-02
Jack Good Eagle1932-11-12
James Crowfoot1903-04-01
John Th. Stand at Door1929-01-04
Jos. Many Shots1925-03-07
Joseph Alex Cutter1929-12-23
Joseph Drunken Chief1902-04-01
Joseph Storm1931-11-27
Josephine Hard Collarca. 1926-08-31
Julianna Spring Chief1932-12-02
Leon Run Rabbit1916-08-01
Magdalen Calf1929-08-01
Maggie Whittney1933-06-17
Margaret Many Poor Eagle1929-01-03
Mary ClairNot known
Mary Eva Iron Head1927-04-05
Mary Judith Calf Bull1903-01-08
Mary Lucy Leather1943-01-01
Mary Martha Iron Head1925-06-30
Mary Rose Was Getting Up1901-02-01 – 1901-02-28
Maurice Frog Head1902-03-01 – 1902-03-31
Monica Black Kettle1936-01-01
Paula Owl Child1929-12-08
Phyllis Red Gun1943-01-01
Pius Calf Robe1933-12-12 – 1933-12-13
Priscilla Prairie Chicken1948-02-15
Ralph Cat Face1950-04-11
Rose Mary Scalp Lock1937-01-01
Sophia Yellow Old Women1915-02-01
Stephen Medicine Shield1939-01-01
Thomas Yellow Old Woman1928-06-01 – 1928-12-31
Vital Red Morning1915-03-01