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St. Paul’s (Blood)

 -  1893 -1975

Religious Entity: Anglican

St. Paul’s residential school opened on Big Island in the Belly River in 1889, south of Cardston. A 1908 federal government report described the St. Paul’s school as “quite unfit for the purpose it is being used for.” A 1930 report said the boys were being worked like “slaves” while in 1948 the local Indian Superintendent said that he could not take runaways back to the school since they were better off at home. In 1969 the federal government took over the administration of the school and in 1975 the residence was closed and the school transferred to the local First Nation.

Group of students at St. Pauls Blood school
Group of people outside at St. Pauls Blood school
Group of people outside building at St. Pauls Blood school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Alice Brown1945-05-12
Allan White Horse Medicine1904-03-01
Allen Calf RobeNot known
Allen Medicine White Horse1904-03-01
Andrew Small Feetca. 1931-01-01
Angelina Hoof1943-06-01
Annie Crane Chief1940-07-24
Annie Wadsworth1928-07-01
Barbara Little Shield1935-09-30
Beatrice Hoof1931-09-30
Bernice Wadsworth1944-01-01
Bertie Mistaken ChiefNot known
Cavell Carry Something (Running Antelope Band)1919-12-15
Cecile Prairie Chicken1930-01-01 – 1930-01-31
Dan Oka1926-03-10
Dick Standing AloneNot known
Edith Carry Something1919-01-01
Edith RabbitNot known
Eileen Bottle1932-09-30
Ernest Fox Head1898-06-01
Ethel Running Antelopeca. 1918
Florence Weasel Fatt1947-01-01
Flossie Rider1930-09-30
Francis Soop1940-01-08
Frank Many Fingers1933-07-19
Frank Plaited Hair1942-01-01
George Bad ArmNot known
George Spear ChiefNot known
Gordon One SpotNot known
Grace Chief Moon1941-09-01
Harriette WadsworthNot known
Helen Chief Mountain1930-01-30
Ivy Bull Shield1943-04-27
J. Hind Bull1941-11-20
Jane Calf Child1928-10-01
Jenny Hassen1929-04-04
Jim Only ChiefNot known
Josie Plain Woman1906-05-29
Julia Crow Chief1927-08-23
Lawrence Mistaken Chief1945-01-01
Lawrence W. FattNot known
Lorne Big Snake1899-02-06
Louise Mountain Horse1939-01-15
Mable Black Horse1949-02-09
Marguerite Ducharme1905-01-16
Marjorie Hind Bull1935-01-05
Martin Sweeps Toward The Fire1899-04-07
Mary Blue Wings1922-07-01 – 1923-12-31
Mary Buckskin1948-01-01
Mary Mountain Horse1936-12-02
Mary Suzie Hoof1930-06-08
Mary Wadsworth1927-06-02
Muriel Plaited Hair1943-10-20
Nellie Three Guns1920-03-20 – 1920-12-31
Norman Nice CutterNot known
Paul Saomitani1898-08-20
Pearl Brave Rock1940-11-28
Peter Crazy Bull1896-11-02 – 1896-11-05
Philip Never Gets Out1898-01-01
Phillip Wadsworth1943-03-21
Queenie Small Eagle1931-01-01
Rhoda Black Plume1929-05-01
Ronald Gets Lots Of Wood In The NightNot known
Rosie Bull Shields1941-04-01 – 1941-04-30
Sarah Healyca. 1918-08-31
Susie Bull Shieldsca. 1930-01-01
Susie Small Wolf1923-01-01
Suzie S. WolfNot known
Three Starsca. 1901-01-01
Viola Gets Wood1932-01-01
Vivian Gets Wood1930-01-01 – 1930-01-31
Wallace Creighton1943-06-24
Wilbur Mountain Horse1934-01-18
Wilfred Eagle Speaker1945-07-25
Wolf Childca. 1901-01-01