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Cranbrook (St. Eugene’s)

 -  1890 -1970

Religious Entity: Catholic

The Kootenay or St. Eugene’s residential school opened in 1890 just north of Cranbrook, BC. The first school was replaced with an industrial school in 1912. An Indian Agent reported in 1935 that, as a result of poor food, overwork, and sickness, he had to force parents to send their children to the school. Despite a change in the principal, school attendance and runaways were ongoing problems. There were also recurring outbreaks of influenza, mumps, measles, chicken pox, and tuberculosis. In 1969, the federal government took over the operation of the residence, closing it the following year.

Band standing in rows from Cranbrook St. Eugenes School
Group of students sitting and standing in front of Cranbrook St. Eugenes School
Group of students sitting and standing from Cranbrook St. Eugenes School

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Adolophe1891-01-01 – 1892-12-31
Agnes Abraham1941-01-01
Anastasie1891-01-01 – 1892-12-31
Annie John1948-05-25
Anthony Pierre1938
Bertha Lillian White1942-06-20
Irene Bertha Andrew1935-09-23
Joseph Cains1892-01-01 – 1893-12-31
Kukinthlikreth (Berta McCoy)1949-11-14
Lawrence Stephen Williams1966-04-15
Mary Andrew1891-01-01 – 1892-12-31
Mary Antoinette Pascal1950-01-21
Mary Tharé1891-01-01 – 1892-12-31
Nancyca. 1891 – 1892
Sabina Ernest David1949-10-06
Susan Pierre1936-03-08
Theresa Ignatius1936-04-08