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St. George’s (Lytton)

 -  1901 -1979

Religious Entity: Anglican

The New England Company, a missionary organization associated with the Church of England, opened the St. George’s school in Lytton, British Columbia in 1901. The school had ongoing sanitation, fire safety, and overcrowding problems. An influenza epidemic at the school over the 1926 1927 school year led to the deaths of thirteen children. During the 1930s, runaways were forced to march back to the school ahead of the principal who drove behind in his car. The residence closed in 1979. In 1993, a former St. George’s employee pled guilty to charges of sexually abusing students at the school when he worked there.

group of students in front of St. Georges school
Students at desks in St. Georges school
Group of people standing in front of St. Georges school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Albert Hance1937-01-31
Alexandra Diablo1964-11-21
Bruce Jumbo1972-04-08
Bruce Reynold Mack1972-05-20
Charlotte Drynockeca. 1938
Dan Charlie1936-01-01
David Allen Hance1970-12-25
Denis Albert1937-02-20
Doris McKay1937-06-30
Eddie Paul1973-11-02
Francis Webster1937-02-21
George Spuzzum1937-01-31
Jacob DouglasNot known
James Mchallisey1935-09-18
Janet Adams1931-12-31
Jim Baker1927-04-29
Joseph Nali1946-09-05
Laurie Dick1937-01-01
Lilias Munro1935-09-02
Lillian Smoker1935-11-12
Maggie Martin1944-01-06
Mary Clarke1927-01-01
Mary Williams1937-06-30
Merle Paul1946-08-20
Myrtle Bertha Oates1937-01-15
Oscar Justice1932-01-01
Ralph Jumbo1947-03-31
Ramona Lynn Diablo1964-11-21
Rena Swakum1963-06-01 – 1963-06-30
Ricky Walter Charlie1972-05-20
Rosie Austin1935-06-19
Samuel Justice1926-06-01 – 1926-12-31
Sydney Wesley Mountain1919-03-08
Tommy Jones1937-01-01
Winnifred Moody1935-07-16