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Immaculate Conception (Aklavik Roman Catholic)

 -  1926 -1959

Religious Entity: Catholic

The Immaculate Conception school at Aklavik took in both Inuit and First Nations pupils. Following a request for more beds and mattresses in the early 1930s, Indian Affairs found that almost 30 children were sleeping on the floor. In 1952 the federal government opened a new integrated day school in the community, and students began living in the residence of the school while attending the day school. By the mid-1950s Canada had begun plans to move the entire community of Aklavik to Inuvik. In 1959, when new hostels opened in Inuvik, the older students from the school were transferred there.

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Alfred Pascal1941-03-17
Alice Benoitca. 1937
Alina Alexandre1933-02-22
Aline Galley1939-09-15
Andrew Jackson1944-06-12
Batestine Cha1931-01-19
Bella Wickleca. 1943
Emma Cha1933-05-13
Emma Norman1931-11-26
Emmanuel Lopes1940-06-05
Firth Rowena1936-02-20
John Laurentca. 1937-03-01
Johnny Oktayuk1936-09-20
Joseph SakalukNot known
Louis Kotchiles1934-06-04
Mary Laurent1939-08-27
Mary Udzi1944-03-22
Rose Kratar1944-12-01
Thomas Tyrellca. 1936-02-01
William Norbert1941-11-01