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 -  1883 -1914

Religious Entity: Anglican

The Battleford school was Canada’s first industrial residential school. It opened in 1883, under Anglican administration. During the 1885 rebellion, the school closed and the building was later occupied by troops. An 1890 inspection concluded that the school had no fire protection and a sanitation system that was an invitation for an epidemic. By 1910 the farm was not productive and the school could not attract or keep qualified teachers; four years later the school was closed.

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Albert Smith1911
Annie Peyachew1911
Benjamin Crow1903
Caroline Bird1909
Cecil Briton1913
Edwin Harwin1901
Emily Bird1911
Evelyn Sharpe1904
Fanny Hall1897
Flora Dobbs1896
George Paul1910
Harriot PanbrunNot known
Henri Sukkuman1910
Hugh King1901
James CrainNot known
Jane Parker1899
Jessie Chamberlain1902
John Kennedy1906
John Merasty1898
John Moosomin1902
Joseph Lafleur1907
Joseph CharlesNot known
Joseph Hope1901
Joseph Thunderbear1898
Lazarus Charlesca. 1896
Mary Ann Black1897
Mary Jane HeadNot known
Patrice Pircheto1900
Peter Smith1902
Philip Armstrong1908
Ralph Calah1884-05-26
Sampson Whitehead1891-11-11
Sarah Briton1913
Stephen Paul1895-11-25
Solomon Steersman1909
Victoria Ward1901
William Armstrong1908
William Chevaise1895
William Millie1896
William Steersman1908