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Beauval (Ile a la Crosse)

 -  1897 -1995

Religious Entity: Catholic

St. Bruno’s boarding school was opened by Roman Catholic missionaries in 1860 at Ile à la Crosse. Poor living conditions at the school led the Grey Nuns teaching at the school to leave in 1905. In 1906 the school was moved to the confluence of the La Plonge and Beaver Rivers. In 1927 nineteen students and one teacher died in a fire that destroyed the school and the dormitories. In 1969 the federal government took over the administration of the school. In 1985 full control of the school and residence was transferred to the Meadow Lake Tribal Council. The residence closed in 1995.

group of students and teachers outside at Beauval Ile a la Crosse school
group of students and teachers outside at Beauval Ile a la Crosse school
group of students and teachers outside at Beauval Ile a la Crosse school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Albert Sylvestre1927-09-19 or 1927-09-20
Aldina Kewaskunikere1909-10-17
Alex Byhette1951-08-14
Alex Grandfarandca. 1937
Alex Opikokew1927-09-19 or 1927-09-20
Alfred Laliberte1927-09-19 or 1927-09-20
Alice Garr1961-10-12
Antoine Derocher1927-09-19 or 1927-09-20
Claire Lariviereca. 1945
Delia McintyreNot known
Elise Durocher1947-05-04
Emile Didgereca. 1937-03-01
Emilie Dazay1948-04-06
Ernest Bishop1927-09-19 or 1927-09-19
Eva Francois1952-04-19
Francois Deneyozare1943-05-03
Françoise Billetteca. 1933-08-01
Frank Kimberly1927-09-19 or 1927-09-20
Freddy Bishop1927-09-19 or 1927-09-19
Hermas Piche1942-07-02
J Darazelca. 1937-12-01
Jean Baptiste Blackbird1952-02-23
Jeanne D’arc Naurayica. 1937
Jimmy Piwapiskus1927-09-19 or 1927-09-20
Joseph Sayees1927-09-19 or 1927-09-20
Josette Couillonneur1945-02-13
Jules Couillonneur1927-09-19 or 1927-09-20
Leon Gunn1935-11-01
Leon Mongrandca. 1937
Louis Betcheldekdhica. 1937
Magloire Billette1935-12-10
Marcel Awikotsaceca. 1937
Marguerite DarazeleNot known
Marie Adeline Piche1954-10-04
Marie Alexandrine Opikokew1945-01-30
Marie Christine Dawatzareca. 1937-03-01
Marie Eulalie Piwapsiskusca. 1937
Marie Suzanne Opikokewca. 1937-06-01
Martel Lenaigre1927-09-19 or 1927-09-20
Moise Larivere1927-09-19 or 1927-09-20
Nephirin Morin1927-09-19 or 1927-09-20
Octavie Didzereca. 1937-03-01
Patrick Gro Ventre1927-09-19 or 1927-09-20
Paul Nezcrocheca. 1937-03-01
Raphael Corrigal1927-09-19 or 1927-09-20
Rodrique Piwapiskus1927-09-19 or 1927-09-20
Samuel Gardner1927-09-19 or 1927-09-20
Simon Sayees1927-09-19 or 1927-09-20
Therese Lariviereca. 1937
Therese Piwapiskusca. 1937
Thomas Alcrow1927-09-19
Victoria Pewapiskusca. 1937