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St. Mary’s (Blood)

 -  1898 -1988

Religious Entity: Catholic

The Immaculate Conception Boarding School opened in 1898 on the Blood Reserve in what is today Alberta. It was replaced in 1926 with a new school, known as St. Mary’s, near Cardston, Alberta. By the mid-1930s the school was experiencing overcrowding. In 1930, a government inspector said that the boys at both the Catholic and Anglican residential schools on the reserve were being worked like “slaves” from morning to night to support the schools. The school had a severe outbreak of measles in 1935 and an outbreak of spinal meningitis in 1956. The federal government took over the operation of the school in 1969 and closed it in 1988.

Group of students in front of building at St. Marys Blood school
Basketball players posing for photo at St. Mary's Blood school
Group of students from St. Marys Blood school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Albert Plain WomanNot known
Amy Shot Both Sides1929-01-01
Annie Sweet Grass1936-05-07
Aristide Across the Mountain1949-08-15
ArsenekapiNot known
Arthur Heavy Head1929-03-31
Bernard Heavy Head1941-01-01
Bertha Many Feathers1935-01-01
Bertha Two Thieves1901-03-06 or ca. 1901-04-01
Crane Medicine Crane1929-01-01
Donald Shade1935-05-20
Eileen Standing Alone1924-10-25
Emma Wells1932-09-30
Ernest Wolf Child1928-05-25
Francis Black ForeheadNot known
Gabriel Weasel Head1934-02-12
George Good Rider1941-05-18
George Scout1934-01-01
Jack Bad Name1916-12-08
Jim Black FaceNot known
John Chief Moon1926-11-10 – 1926-11-13
Joseph Chief Body1947-09-01
Josephine Big Head1928-01-01
Lillian Skipper1930-09-30
Lily Shot Both Sides1928-01-01
Mary Shot Both Sides1922-12-26
Mary-Ann Skipper1930-09-30
Mary-Jane Tawapisim1928-12-31
Mary Jack1899-10-23
Mary SpiderNot known
Mike Crow Spreading His Wings1927-08-28
Peter Cross Buck1900-12-01
Peter Good Rider1936-01-10
Rachel Heavy Head1929-04-16
Remi Snake Eater1936-05-05
Stanley Crow Eagle1985-04-01
Tom Black Face1928-01-18
Wallace Across the Mountain1944-09-09
Walter Stevens1927-02-06
Willie Black Forehead1925-04-02