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Kamloops (St. Louis)

 -  1890 -1978

Religious Entity: Catholic

The Kamloops Industrial School was opened, under Roman Catholic administration, in 1890. It became the largest school in the Indian Affairs residential school system. Enrolment peaked in the early 1950s at 500. In 1910, the principal said that the government did not provide enough money to properly feed the students. In 1924 a portion of the school was destroyed by fire. In 1969, the federal government took over the administration of the school, which no longer provided any classes and operated it as residence for students attending local day schools until 1978, when the residence was closed.

Group of people sitting and standing outside from Kamloops St. Louis School
Group of students standing outside from Kamloops St. Louis School
Group of people in front of building from Kamloops St. Louis School

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Adrian Reynold G. George1959-04-25
Agnes Michou1935-12-28
Ambrose Alexander1947-09-27
Annie Frank1940-01-21
Annie Lucy Andrew1940-01-20
Arcelle William1943-05-19
Archie Oxime1919-06-20
Bobby Joseph Bell1961-01-01
Caroline Harris1927-02-21
Christine Jacob1962-11-12
Christine Josephine Joy Joseph1961-06-02
Christine Jules1917-02-28
Clarina Matthew1936-09-16
Eileen Joseph1964-01-25
Florence Morgan1941-06-26
Francis Alec1947-09-27
Francis Maximin1915-01-31
Francis Moses1919-10-31
Frederick Lecamp1962-11-19
George Michel1916-07-01 – 1916-07-30
George PetelNot known
George Purdaby1946-01-01
Gertrude James1947-01-01
Gladys Chapman1931-04-29
Henry LuluNot known
Josephine Louie1945-09-03
John Lecamp1962-11-19
Julienne Sharon DennisNot known
Kathleen Michel1937-05-02 – 1937-05-03
Leonard Major1947-09-27
Leslie Lewis1935-09-23
Louise Seymour1936-05-26
Lucine Whimpin1935-03-09
Marguerite Fallardeau1900-12-10
Mary Anne Soulle1957-12-24
Mary Francois1937-05-13
Minnie Spy1927-04-14
Nellie Fallardeau1923-07-13
Pearl Joe1944-09-04
Peter Michael Purdaby1962-05-01 – 1962-05-31
Ronald Frezie1959-08-22
Rose Adrian1958-12-25
Rose Marie Adolph1958-12-25
Sandra Seymour1963-06-01
Shirley Link1971-04-17
Sophie George1947-01-01
Sophie Pettel1947-01-01
Theophile Dick Billy1941-04-22
Violet William1945-01-01
Willard Frank WilliamNot known
Willie Josephca. 1914-01-01