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 -  1895 -1972

Religious Entity: Methodist United Church Catholic

The Brandon School was built under the direction of Methodist missionary John Semmens. During the 1940s and 1950s the school was the subject of ongoing controversy as many students ran away, complaining of harsh discipline and poor food. At one point, parents from communities in Saskatchewan refused to send younger children to the school. While the government raised a number of these concerns with the United Church, it did not force any changes in administration. From 1967 to 1972, the school operated as a residence for students attending local day schools.

group of students holding pigs in front of Brandon school building
Group of students in front of car in front of Brandon school building
Group of students sitting in rows of desks in Brandon school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Adam MuskegoNot known
Alex Ross1902-01-27
Alfred Thomas1905-10-26
Annabelle Spence1943-07-05
Annie Ross1914-10-08
Archie Cochrane1901-06-24
Arthur BaptisteNot known
Bella Moar1923-04-21
Chester MooreNot known
David Moar1902-11-26
Edgar Mcrae1908-12-15
Edith Michell1912-06-02
Edward Fiddler1956-07-18
Edward Murdock1898-12-07
Eleanor Hall1941-12-27
Elijah Staomer1897-06-01
Elizabeth Papaseqwanape1898-01-01
Eva Perrish1903-04-11
Flora Bella Thomas1923-04-16
Frederick BaptisteNot known
George Frog1905-02-17
Henry Swanson1940-08-07
Isbester Ross1903-05-09
Isiah Bittern1908-03-04
James Campbell1907-02-03
James Laugher1897-08-01 – 1897-08-31
James Okemow1896-11-25
Janet Moar1908-10-04
Janet Tait1909-01-24
Jannet Ross1900-10-12
Jennie Twobear1913-01-01
John Charles Mcdonald1896-08-31
John Harper1907-01-01
John Hastings1902-11-03
John Knott1911-03-31
John Peel1899-01-16
John Ross1902-01-01
Joseph OigNot known
Joseph Thibault1906-05-23
Josius Taylor1949-09-05
Kenneth CollinsNot known
Kissememow Sinclair1899-06-06
Lillie Walker1905-05-02
Lizzie Mackland1903-06-16
Lydia Moore1896-09-11
Madeline Colin1904-02-18
Maria Evans1905-05-11
Maria Murdock1909-03-03
Mary Captain1902-03-30
Mary Jane Ross1907-04-11
Mary Sutherland1933-11-30
Matilda Colin1903-10-19
Matthew Two BearNot known
Nancy Mcpherson1906-06-10
Nancy Sinclair1907-06-30
Nora John1920-06-09
Nora Wasecunna1905-06-16
Oliver Cochraneca. 1942
Oliver MooreNot known
Peter Chubb1898-10-01 – 1898-10-31
Phillip Mcnabb1897-03-06
Roderick Beardy1949-04-16
Sam Young Skunk1932-09-26
Sarah Bird (Brandon)1905-07-09
Sarah J. Sinclair1909-03-15
Solomon Hamilton1903-05-12
Stanley CrateNot known
Susie Keysick1920-01-01
Stephen FranklinNot known
Thomas Dickson1903-08-24
Tommy Captain1896-08-14
Victoria Trout1902-05-11
William Hamilton1903-06-25
William Thomas1899-06-28
Willie RossNot known
Willie Sutherland1905-08-01 – 1905-08-31
Zaccheus Minow1897-11-16