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 -  1888 -1996

Religious Entity: Anglican

The Anglican Church of Canada established a day school on Gordon’s Reserve just north of Regina, in 1876. In 1888, it was expanded to provide housing to students attending the school. In 1929 the school was destroyed by fire. It was rebuilt, but problems with water supply and maintenance led to its being closed for much of the time between 1947 and 1953. In 1941 a boy, who was fearful of discipline at the school, died of exposure after running away. In 1993 a former employee plead guilty to charges of sexual assaulting students at the Gordon’s school and residence from 19681984. The residence was closed in 1996.

Group of children roasting hotdogs on fire at Gordon's school
Group of children in wagon at Gordon's school
Group of students and teachers outside building at Gordon's school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Alexander CyrNot known
Andrew Gordon1939-03-14
Andrew W. CyrNot known
Angus Mcnabb1898-02-06
Annabella McnabNot known
Annie SakwayheseNot known
Bernard Pratt1937-09-18
Bucky Arnold1963-04-16
Campbell William PrattNot known
Charles AndersonNot known
Charles Fisher1906-01-18 or 1906-04-18
Charlie McNabNot known
David Thomas Anderson1963-04-16
Deborah McdonaldNot known
Dinah CyrNot known
Douglas Mcnabb1937-10-31
Edith Cyr1904-11-14
Edna Bitternoseca. 1930-10-01
Eliza Bird (Gordon’s Band)Not known
Elizabeth FisherNot known
Florence CyrNot known
Florence Gordonca. 1942
Gladys Worm1930-08-14
Hannah M. Anderson1909-02-21
Harriet Bittern NoseNot known
Henrietta Bearca. 1983
Ivan Mcleodca. 1923-12-30
John EninewisNot known
John Fisher1901-06-01
Kate Sackhaywaycappo1930-11-25
Kenneth Lloyd Anderson1963-04-16
Lizzie Fisher1916-10-01
Mabel Bear1890-05-05
Mabel Irma Cyrca. 1967
Margaret Bruce1945-06-14
Margaret MuckaqueNot known
Martha Anderson1907-09-05
Myrtle Jane Moostoos1947-06-14
Owen James Asapace1976-04-17
Peter Anderson1892-02-09
Peter Michael Anderson1963-04-16
Robert Mcnabca. 1930
Sarah Bird (Gordon’s)Not known
Sarah M. Brass1901-04-21
Sarah M. Cochrane1899-06-24
Susan Sachaywaycappeca. 1930-02-02
Walter Poormanca. 1906-02-01
Wellesley FisherNot known
Wilfred Pratt1921-06-16