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Cross Lake

 -  1912 -1969

Religious Entity: Catholic

First established as a Roman Catholic day school, the Cross Lake school began to take boarders by 1912 and opened as a residential school in 1915. In 1930 one teacher and 12 children died in a fire that destroyed the school. Until a new school was built, students lived at a number hostels associated with local Catholic day schools such as the Cross Lake and Jack River Missions. The Cross Lake School was rebuilt in 1940, and in 1960 the Jack River (Notre Dame) Hostel was recognized as a separate institution. In 1969 the schools were transferred to the provincial education system.

Group of students standing on stage from Cross Lake school
Group of students and teachers in front of Cross Lake school
Group of people standing and sitting in front of Cross Lake school building

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Agnes Thomas1930-02-25
Annie Crane1930-02-25
Betsie Osborne1946-05-13
Charlotte Mercredi (Cross Lake)1930-02-25
Christie Ross1930-02-25
Clémence Cook1930-02-25
Connell Memekisik1943-08-15
David Menow1947-05-30
Emile Dumas1930-02-25
Etienne Colombe1960-12-29
Hyla Crate1930-02-25
Hyla Moose1930-02-25
Illa Frogg1930-08-01
Jane Mckay1945-05-01 – 1945-05-31
Job Andrew Flett1960-12-08 or 1960-12-28
Lily Ross1943-02-25
Margaret Jane Bee1942-05-29
Marie Reine Scatch1945-06-21
Martha Rivers1943-06-24
Martha Scott1930-02-25
Mary Ann François1930-02-25
Mary Dixon (Cross Lake)1943-06-11
Nancy Flett1930-02-25
Nora Blacksmith1930-02-25
Norman Mckay1943-08-15
Silas Thomas FrogNot known
Stella Keeper1943-06-24
Therese Thomas1943-08-29
Thomas Ross1942-01-01
William Miller1942-08-09