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Lebret (Qu’Appelle)

 -  1884 -1998

Religious Entity: Catholic

The Lebret school (also known as Qu’Appelle, St. Paul’s and Whitecalf), was one of the first three industrial schools. Built on the Qu’Appelle Reserve, the school was expanded in 1887, 1889, and 1895. In the school’s early years Aboriginal languages were allowed in the school and in 1886, the federal government approved the publication of a Cree-English primer. In 1951 the school was one of the first residential schools to offer high-school education. Administration was transferred to the Qu’Appelle Indian Residential School Council in 1973. It closed in 1998.

Group of students in front of Lebrret Qu'Appelle school
Group of students in front of Lebrret Qu'Appelle school
Group of students in front of Lebrret Qu'Appelle school

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
A. Patripca. 1892-01-01 – 1893-12-31
Agatha (Qu’Appelle)ca. 1893
Alfred Bellegarde1944-05-24
Alice DelormeNot known
Amelia 1893
André (Qu’Appelle)ca. 1893
Angus Anaquot1930-05-10
Cecilia Noelca. 1890-01-01
Clarence Gaston Anaskan1948-08-22
Clementine Mcarthur1937-08-02 or 1937-08-05
ClementsNot known
Damien (Qu’Appelle)1893-01-06
Daria SpatayNot known
Delvina BellehumeurNot known
Edith RedwoodNot known
Elizabeth Mary Goodtrackca. 1953
Elzear TrottierNot known
Eulalie (Qu’Appelle)ca. 1892-01-01 – 1893-12-31
Evelyn Gordon1936-04-22
Florence DelormeNot known
Francis Allaryca. 1893
Frank Francisca. 1936
Fred (Qu’Appelle)ca. 1893
Isidore TrottierNot known
Jim (Qu’Appelle)ca. 1892-01-01 – 1893-12-31
Joe Charleyca. 1892-01-01
Josephine (Qu’Appelle)ca. 1892-01-01 – 1893-12-31
Josephine Standing Buffaloca. 1892-01-01 – 1893-12-31
Kenneth Bearca. 1941-05-09
Letitia John1912-02-17
Lillian Fourhorse1933-05-07
Lily (Qu’Appelle)ca. 1893
Linus KinikensNot known
LouisNot known
Louis Bellegardeca. 1934-04-20
Louise Sayerca. 1893
M.A. Allaryca. 1892-01-01
Marguerite (Qu’Appelle)ca. 1892-01-01 – 1893-12-31
Martha 1893
Mary Delorme1934-06-03
Mary Lucyca. 1893
Minnie Riderca. 1936
MosesNot known
Moses (Little Bone)ca. 1893
Nora NapacesNot known
PaulaNot known
Peter Plainca. 1892-01-01 – 1893-12-31
Philomene (Qu’Appelle)ca. 1893
Samuel (Qu’Appelle)ca. 1892-01-01 – 1893-12-31
Stella Desjarlaisca. 1933
Tina PelletierNot known
Valerie LeCaine1935-05-30
Victor Sugar1936-01-30
Violet Kayasowatamca. 1934-03-02
WilliamNot known
William (Qu’Appelle)ca. 1893