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St. Anthony’s (Sacred Heart)

 -  1894 -1974

Religious Entity: Catholic

St. Anthony’s residential school was established in 1894 on the Seekaskootch, Onion Lake Reserve, on the north side of the Saskatchewan River. In 1927, the residential school relocated off reserve, six kilometers to the south of the original location. An Inspection Report from 1908 concluded that the school required fire escapes, while a 1924 report described the school as a firetrap. The school was twice destroyed by fire: once in 1895 and again in 1928. In 1918, nine children died of influenza. The building was poorly maintained and overcrowded. Despite new classrooms being built, overcrowding remained an ongoing issue during the 1950s. In 1969, the federal government took over the administration of the school until its closure in 1974.

Group of people outside of St. Anthony's Sacred Heart school
St. Anthony's Sacred Heart building

Remembering the Following Students:

NameDate of Death (Year/Month/Day)
Adam Child1935-06-10
Adam Kamakawtayca. 1922
Agnes Mucheasakack1918-11-07
Albert Brittainca. 1931
Alex Mcgarty OtakysyNot known
Alexander CallingbullNot known
Alexander JohnNot known
Alexandre CallingbullNot known
Alexis JanvierNot known
Alpheus Mclean1934-03-29
Amelia CheesmanNot known
Angele JanvierNot known
Anna Whitstone1948-04-11
Armandine Viviersca. 1918-11-01
Betsy Smithca. 1926-06-22
Caroline Angus1948-06-22
Cecil TaylorNot known
Cecile Mcbeth MalloeufNot known
Cecile Taylor1917-06-10
Célestin Jack1934-11-12
Charles Grandbois1929-02-15
Christina Pitt1933-04-20
Christine Dumont1918-04-13
Christine Janvier (A)1929-10-31
Christine Janvier (B)Not known
Cyprien Janvier WatchapezNot known
Daniel Dersrochers1918-11-06
Edith Miyestow1941-11-09
Edward Mcgarty OtakysyNot known
Elie Marquis OpisinonNot known
Elisa MeoignowNot known
Elizabeth Brownca. 1926
Elizabeth JanvierNot known
Emily Four Dollars1926-04-18
Emma Okanaisaw1953-11-10
Ernest Foxca. 1944
Florastine Tramble1911-02-01
Florestine Taylor1916-05-22
Francis Chocan1925-06-20
Fred CallingbullNot known
Frederick Watchmaker1934-05-10
Gabriel Masson1918-11-23
George Ballandineca. 1934-12-30 – 1935-12-31
Gilbert Brown1927-03-31
Harimone PatinandeNot known
Harold QuinneyNot known
Henry CheesmanNot known
Henry Chumanca. 1922
Hilda Wuttuneeca. 1931
Isaac JanvierNot known
Ivan John Dreaverca. 1931
Jacques Issinaiaze Black ManNot known
Jane Cross ArmsNot known
Jean Viviers1918-11-05
Jerome AndrewNot known
Jerome CallingbullNot known
Joanne Chief1968-05-19
John Abraham1922-06-30
John Chiefca. 1922
John Jacknife1918-11-13
Joseph BurntheadNot known
Josephine Canepotato1942-12-12
Josephine Dumont1916-06-07
Josephine Harper1918-11-09
Josephine Kanipitetewca. 1940
Julia (Onion Lake)ca. 1933
Julia BrelandNot known
Juliette BoudreaultNot known
Justine Jacknifeca. 1924
Justine Peekeekoot1945-07-29
Lawere JanviernNot known
Lawrence Benjaminca. 1922
Lazare JanvierNot known
Lena Alexander1935-11-13
Lena Cardinal1930-10-25
Leonard Bear1948-04-09
Lilly Mcgarty OtakysyNot known
Louis [Dine] MasakegonNot known
Louis Lost1901-02-02
Louisa SmithNot known
Louisa YoungchiefNot known
M. Agnes GarsonNot known
M. Madeleine SmithNot known
Madeleine (Onion Lake)1923-05-29
Maggie Mucheasakackca. 1918
Maglore WhitstoneNot known
Margaret M. CardinalNot known
Margaret Sawaypayiw1927-03-31
Marie Eustella PicheNot known
Marie Jack1935-05-22
Marie Louise Smith1905-02-26
Marie Mckay1934-04-01
Mary JaneYahyahyacumNot known
Mary ViviersNot known
Melanie MassonNot known
Moise Janvier WatchapezNot known
Moses BadgerNot known
Nancy Naistusca. 1921
Patrick Marquis OpisinonNot known
Paul ChocanNot known
Paul Little WolfeNot known
Paul WatchmakerNot known
Paul White Fish1918-11-18
Paul WolfNot known
Piere Sewepayiw1905-04-17
Pierre JanvierNot known
Rosalie PicheNot known
Rosalie ViviersNot known
Rowland Pechawisca. 1934
Samuel Good ChildNot known
Simon BurnsNot known
St. Pierre Bellys[]sowNot known
Stella Wuttuneeca. 1932-05-01 – 1932-08-31
Suzanne Bimmard1933-07-23
Veronique Desjardinsca. 1934
Wilson Wuttuneeca. 1932